Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey good people, was i missed?!?!

I've always had crazy schedules and hectic days but i have no words yet to describe what the last few weeks have been. crazy just doesnt seem to say it anymore. somehow there are just about 3 lawyers in my office (asides Principal and Managing Principal (p and MP) of cos) and we have like a zillion cases in a day and lots of pending appeals, all those legal jargon things. but am so glad now, August is here, the month of slowing down, besides, there is good news now..................... i'll tell u in a bit.

so things are a bit sane now at work and in my life. Court's are on vac except for a few Judges who still want to sit. i start my much awaited leave on the 15th. the best part of it is P and MP are away on vacation, outside the country!!!!!!! am especially glad that P is out. the guy is in his early 60's and doesnt believe there's nothing to life asides work!! little wonder i still have no boyfriend, yeah, more gist on that.

so, unto the good news:

I got a new job!!!!!!! Yes!!!!

Its nothing short of a miracle and believe me, this aint no cliche. I'm out of practice (advocacy) for now, am with the judiciary now. i am going to be working with a Judge. the pay isnt superbly fantabulous but then, its a better opportunity and most importantly, i am going to start a sane life! no more country throtting for cases and all of that.

of cos i will miss my job, i liked it and i will miss my office folks, lovely people. never knew change could be so scary but then...... change has come and am embracing it!

so, lots of things have happened that i will gist about but am still in my last duties so i gotta run now! pls do drop ur comments, i've missed u all!


i visited some store yesterday, Exclusive supermarket here in abuja. i hope i do not appear bush but i saw somehting crazy! i saw a bottle of wine that cost N1.3 million! yes , million for a bottle of wine!!!!!!! if i drink that kind of wine, it must be able to turn me into something! i dont know...........princess maybe?!?!

but really, whats the idea?
ok, maybe am just bush
but would u buy a bottle of wine for 1.3M? and why?

just reminds me of the prices of clothes in true love magazines - bum shorts (simple or ugly looking at that) for about N40k! excuse me?! do people actually buy that?!

wanna hear ur thots on these folks!