Sunday, February 24, 2013

Appropriate name for your spouse

So, there's this couple's forum meeting we have periodically in my church. Just a place to rub minds and learn, all towards a better marriage. Good stuff.
We got to the point where the female speaker said its not good to address your husband by his first name especially in public. That it's rude and disrespectful etc. 
I totally disagreed. 

I know it's something lots of people frown out, in fact, I'm not sure any tribe in Nigeria tolerates it. I remember the look on my ex nanny's face when she heard me call my husband by name, it was funny. Na name you dey call am??? I'm not sure the look she gave me would have been different if I had slapped him,lol. 

I've asked him severally what he'd prefer I called him and he's told me quite honestly that he doesn't mind the first name basis. His fear earlier on had been that his kids will first call him by his first name before daddy. But it's never been an issue. Pet names are just.... What's the word I'm looking for now..... Predictable? 
I don't have anything against pet names, I just love first names. But I'm also mindful of the fact that society will interfere. I remember how my mil and I had this funny thing going on; whenever we chat and I say "Bubbly" she goes "you mean your husband" cos Bubbly and my younger brother are name sakes. But of course she knows who am talking about, that was just her subtle way of saying its wrong. Or she'll say "tell your prince.....". It always amused me.

But really people, what's the big deal? One of the speakers tried to balance it by saying do what works for u, but also you can't ignore societal perspection. 
I don't know. 
Oh, after plenty deliberations between bubbly and I, we settled on .... Wait for it.... Cupcake! Now where's that smiley thing when u need one. 
We had a laugh. He asked what happened to Bubbly, i said its his blog name. Oh he suggested Sir Chops a lot. Dude truly can eat! I suggested headmaster too. 
I called him cupcake like 5 times before morning. It was always cos I wanted a favour. 

So what do u think? Indulge us, what do u call ur partner?