Friday, January 30, 2009


Valentine has come again and i am so glad its a saturday! i will so clean my crib, go to work and later to church (maybe) and wont witness too much lovey dovey things and gifts flying all over the place. I am not so sure church will be safe tho, all those chics with their gifts and calls and boyfriends..... pls!

Ok, i know i sound jealous and envious, truth is I am! i was kinda hoping this year would be better, with a better boyfriend (or the previous one get better), nicer gifts and all the works but alas, its not happening!

anyway, before u start abusing or pitying me (woreva), i have made plans alright. the plans still need money to actualise them and i am working towards obtaining from some stupid mugus around me now.
i intend to buy a whole jar of blue bunny, peppered spicey chicken, rich lovely and sinful chocolate cake from ovens and a few hours to myself, considering how annoyingly full and busy my saturdays are.

so, i have made my plans. let no man ask me whats up for vals except u want to send me somethng.
in case u want to, pls here are a few of my desires for val:

- a lovely bra (i am a 34 DD)
- perfumes (thats my latest fancy and no, i wear perfumes all the time, wont be my first) as long as its designer and its not JLO or FLOWER, pls!
- lovely wrist watch
- a sinful choc. cake

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great Discovery

Just wanted to do a small post to lay the issue of MF to rest. Its not a very nice story, but i will do it all the same:
MF got married in December 2008. No, i did not know about it until last sunday and no, MF did not tell me about it. so a very "nice anonymous caller" called me to give me the info. Yes, i was shocked out of my brain, MF cant be that real.
anonymous caller gladly called again to let me know where to find the wedding pictures. very beautiful.
How do i feel? Hmm, thats a tough one but i will described it in a few words: i was numb, hurt, dumbfounded, stupefied, hurt. yeah, hurt.
MF found out about my blog somehow and read everything so he knew the truth about himself. So i know he will read this post too.
I am hurt and drained but gladly, am back on my feet. I am a great believer in "shit happens, get over it". so, am trying.
But i tell u this: it does hurt, hurt like crazy.
Lets see it as a fresh 09 just starting.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey y'all, happy new year!
I have really missed blogsville and all my padi's, Luscious, LG, Rayo, etc (Everyone)!

Xmas was sooo much fun! everyone was around, all my good ol' padis were around, we were just faffing around all over the place, i almost fell ill when i got back to life i.e. Abuja, work etc.

Cant say much now but i must tell u the crappy thing that just happened, hmmm, e gbami o!

Met Twart (he actually has a name but Twart suits him better than his real name right now) at some family friend's house, nice people. i actually met twart in my first year at uni but didnt remember until later after he reminded me endlessly, so he got my number etc. that he is praying for a wife this year, i just laffed it off, twart actaully got serious cos he started doing funny stuff all over the place (which is so annoying right now).

now, dont get me wrong, am not pissed cos i took him serious, a serious guy doesnt start with so much gizz gizz when he just meets u, afterall, he never know if u be winch, abi?
ntywayz, unto what he did:

so twart started toasting me heavily, seirously talking about how we will try and not let distance be our issue etc, and i said "guy, take it easy, we dont know each other yet" but guy just dey rush. he was asking everyone he knew who knew me all sort of questions, started introducing me as his wife, i was just having a laugh, after all, its no sin having fun like that, hey, its xmas!

short twart started developing cold feet just a day before he left Ils town for lag. he said the distance thingi is just begining to dawn on him. i just said, not to worry, i dont do distance thingi's too. he said i should pls lets give it a try and not give up on it. i said we will talk later.

not to long things sha, guy got to lag, started toasting my closest friend whom he met thru me! as in guy begin dey talk marriage with am! na wa o! crazy just seems an understatement. i mean, what kind of person would do that?

ntywayz, i wasnt rooting for him so its not like i was hurt anything. of cos my friend reported everything, i pretended like i didnt know. thats how twart started calling me repeatedly yesterday, asking if i was ok, why was i so cold, trash, trash, trash. i said "guy, norin do me o, am so good". guilt dey chop am.
after he disturbed me sha, i told him i was gonna call him after church (make stupid twarts like him no spoil my prayer). so i called him and told him what i thot of him for the way he acted.
Biko, ask me what twart said? "I WAS ONLY JOKING WITH YOUR FRIEND, NEVER KNEW SHE WOULD TAKE ME SERIOUS"! begging me o, that he couldnt do that etc!
my pipo, i craze o! how can he say such a stupid thing?! afterwards, he started begging my friend that its true he really likes her that she can be matured about it, he doesnt want to cause issues between 2 friends.

ntywayz, to cut the crap short, na so i just turn am to laffing stock o! presently he has a special ring tone on my phone "AN IDIOT IS CALLING" everybody don laff tire for my office as the idiot still calls me!

will talk about MF jare, another post (not like there's much talk tho).

wish y'all a CRAP and TWART free year! lera men!