Friday, August 27, 2010

Wedding Dress: Rent or Buy?

Am back!

Not like i really left though.
First i must thank Miss Nitty Gritty for checking up on me, really kind of you, thanks.

I've been on leave partially. Partially cos am supposed to be off work for the whole of August but i kinda resumed this week cos I abandoned some work and its time to get back to them before boss lady resumes.

I've had some fun. Went home for my friend's wedding with Bubbly, it was so much fun. you know yours truly likes to parry!

So this thing with Bubbly is actually very very serious now, intentions have been revealed, families have been involved and some serious plannings will soon be starting.
Its a lovely and extremely scary feeling at the same time! Relationships are so much fun until things get really serious and then u have lots of thinking and planning and compromising etc
Sometimes i want to bring out my pen and start planning, listing all those things i've dreamed about my wedding and building a home and after some thot i just get scared and close my book and mind.
Maybe i just have to grow up. Anyway, it will be sorted out one way or the other.

On that note, need ur opinion as usual on this:
WOuld you rent a wedding gown? I know its just ideal to get your own wedding dress but really, i think they are of sentimental value only, its virtually useless after that day so why buy and keep?
What do u think?

Lovely weekend y'all