Friday, August 27, 2010

Wedding Dress: Rent or Buy?

Am back!

Not like i really left though.
First i must thank Miss Nitty Gritty for checking up on me, really kind of you, thanks.

I've been on leave partially. Partially cos am supposed to be off work for the whole of August but i kinda resumed this week cos I abandoned some work and its time to get back to them before boss lady resumes.

I've had some fun. Went home for my friend's wedding with Bubbly, it was so much fun. you know yours truly likes to parry!

So this thing with Bubbly is actually very very serious now, intentions have been revealed, families have been involved and some serious plannings will soon be starting.
Its a lovely and extremely scary feeling at the same time! Relationships are so much fun until things get really serious and then u have lots of thinking and planning and compromising etc
Sometimes i want to bring out my pen and start planning, listing all those things i've dreamed about my wedding and building a home and after some thot i just get scared and close my book and mind.
Maybe i just have to grow up. Anyway, it will be sorted out one way or the other.

On that note, need ur opinion as usual on this:
WOuld you rent a wedding gown? I know its just ideal to get your own wedding dress but really, i think they are of sentimental value only, its virtually useless after that day so why buy and keep?
What do u think?

Lovely weekend y'all


Anonymous said...

I've never really thought about it but I think I am open to renting sha.


Wise Sage said...

Missed you gan! Don't disappear like this again oh.
Methinks renting is the wiser way to go. You'll spend all that money on something that matters a lot more and will last a lot longer. Except you have excess cash to throw around sha. My sister (and cousins) got married and is even looking for who will rent or keep her gown sef,let her get some dough out of it, till now....NADA! Don't be decieved that your daughter will wear it, i wouldn't wear my mom's gown now,even if i was paid a hundred thousand bucks to just model it, in public :)
Except it's a gift to you, at which point you can't really dictate ba?

RepOne said...

Aww this bubbly thing that started before our very lovely!! Wish u all the best, my barrister.

I actually would rent one now that I think about...if I found something that I love...

Myne Whitman said...

Welcome back, I tried to chat with you on FB sometime ago.

I would rent sha, if I had enough time to find what I want. It saves money and a lot of stress. Mine is sitting in the cloth bag now, and not even my sisters want to use it. What a waste.

All the best to you and bubbly, I'm sure it will be fine. Hugs.

Sumptuous said...

Welcome back. Missed ya. Buying a w.dress could be sentimental but yeah i'll buy for sentiment sake. Opening up my chest, finding my dress years later and relieving the moment is worth every kobo spent buying it.

2cute4u said...

Hmmm.. So you still dey abi?
Sha, sorry I didn't check up on you..
Should I give reasons?
Na... I'm sure you can do without them..
So you would soon go over the other side huh? I happy for you o.. No be small!
I would say you can rent but how many people have used it? renting sha helps with the funds and all..
But if you're all about it being you and all, you could buy or make yours then after the wedding.. maybe much later, convert it to something else.
How you dey na...
I see say you just dey enjoy
.. And yeah.. you missed my birthday,No gift and no call from you so I dey vex small sha..

oluSimeon said...

wow..really happy for you ma'am..
buy/ rent.. i have no idea..
i know renting will be cheaper. #thatisall.

lets talk abeg {}

Omotee! said...

taynement: its not such a bad idea from most people's opinion.

wis sage: nice to hear! thanx dear, wont do it again, i'll try to spice up my life so i can find something to blog about, lol.
if its a gift and i cant chose then i dont want it lest the person giving me desides to make me look like a sack!

rep one: awww, tank ya tank ya, tank ya!
its not that close yet tho.... will let u know, trust me

myne: thanks ma'am, maybe the connection was bad, havent even been there in a long while. u might try selling yours, heard pple sell theirs too

sumptous: thanks dearie!
buying..... hmmmmmm......

chacha: oh NO!!! i am so sorry!!! aww, i feel so bad. i can still send in my gift ba? *wink wink*
missed u too!

olu simeon: u dis bobo, na wa o! plenty talk o!
i can imagine, men dont care wether u buy or rent, just show up for the wedding! lol

SHE said...

Renting would save a lot of money. but like someone said, buying holds a lot of emotional value!
Me I don't know jare.

Nice Anon said...

Do wetin you ultimately feel like cus the dress na only one time you go wear am.

LG said...

2ndly..... remember my invite o :)

rayo said...

buy! buy!! buy!!! xpt i dunno y i'd rather buy than rent. lol
nyc 4 u nd Bubbly :D

rayo said...

buy! buy!! buy!!! xpt i dunno y i'd rather buy than rent. lol
nyc 4 u nd Bubbly :D

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

congrats to you and Bubbly, rent if that is what you want, afterall it is only for a day and nobody get to ask you for the gown again

Anonymous said...

Ladies corner...... zilch!!!

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

I would rather buy...I want to know the dress belongs to me! Its the most special day of my life yet, and i hope to own the dres im wearing on that day. I want to put it in a box and take a peek at it every now and then. On my golden wedding annoversary, i want to look at it and see how much ive gained weight or not...and im going to wear it again for one of those special anniversaries my husband and I will be also love to my blog about it in the future-my 50 year old wedding dress! lol...
My opinion tho...