Monday, March 29, 2010


halloz!!! hope u had a great weekend?
am jobless so i thot to bore u with some pictures, what do u think?

1. really, granny, what is this? maybe she has 'mad cow disease".

2.WTH????!!!!!! where im dey go?

3. umm, for real? which is she trying to keep in shape? will the gym help?

4. waoh! happy birthday?
5. big reason

6. the sign reads " da ile si ibi yi ki o s'oriburuku tabi ki o s'ofo tomotomo ninu odun yi"
which means "dump refuse here and (literarily) have a bad head (and be cursed with bad luck) or perish together with your children this year.
guess the conventional DO NOT DUMP REFUSE HERE did not work, this sure worked!
7. desperate measures for desperate yahoo yahoo boy! i am trying to imagine what he is saying "oya, send the money now now!"
have a great day people!

Friday, March 26, 2010

From Happily Married to DIVORCED

I know am not allowed to talk about my job, like our cases, but then am not their lawyer so technically, the lawyer/client priviledge isnt my biz now.

so its about a divorce case, i really do feel bad seeing divorce cases. makes me wonder why 2 people who loved themselves enough to tied the knot just throw it all away at some point, its especially bad when they are a young couple.

this lady came in heavily pregnant last december when she just filed the suit. she's got a kid for dude before, so she wants a divorce and naturally, her papers contain all the nasty things he's done to her and how he kicked her out, pregnancy et al.
dude gets a lawyer too and he also talked about how irresponsible she is, how she's got a controlling mother who is equally mannerless and a sister who leads a really wayward life.

one of his complaints is that he told the girl before they married that she had to quit her job at the bank. dude happens to be a business man who doesnt have much education. he says the mother-in-law keeps encouraging her to continue the job at the bank against his wishes and their agreement. etc. wish u could read the papers yourselves and see just how messy things can get between couples.
i wish i could call them to order and think of their 2 babies before doing this but who am i to say anything? i am a single girl, dont think i know that much about how marriage works, it still amazes me.

all these just got me thinking: if they had these much problems and serious issues, how da hell did they end up getting married and knocking themselves up to result to 2 kids?!
the girl is so pretty and young and u could see she really looks frustrated, she was crying the first time she came to court when her stupid lawyer was messing up her case and she was trying to get custody of their first kid, pending the divorce suit itself though. i couldnt help looking at her and pitying her.

i kept wondering what they were saying and doing while they were courting, didnt they resolve these obvious serious issues? if she truly agreed to quit her work at the bank why is she backing out on it? and is dude having these issues cos he is suddenly intimidated of her success and how much money she could make out of it?

when 2 people say they love each other so much and agree to mix oil and water (marry), why cant they settle whatever issues come their way? of cos there are lots of examples around us of how bad marriages can end up.
on a personal note, my parents tho not divorced dont have a good marriage, in fact, in ways that matter, they are divorced but still living together. they hardly talk and dont even care enough to fight anymore. this has been on for about ......... 20 years? sure it got worse over the years but its always been rocky. i've intervened and sort of lost hope on them, i think i just wanna ask my pop one day: if my mom dies one day, will he start crying and give speeches about how much he loved her? i think am gonna shut him up or just burst out laughing, that would be a joke.
did they love each other at all?

while i was in secondary school, i had a friend whose parents too had problems, were not divorced but theirs was equally terrible. they are separated. they came separately to visit her one day and didnt as much as say hello to each other, after 5 kids! how on earth did they get there?

i am not married so i dont know how to answer these questions. it makes me wonder when i do get married:
will we wake up one day and hate each other so much we want to get divorced?
will we have issues so bad i wouldnt care what happens to him and vice versa?
what if we have problems and am willing to sort it out and one day he just decides, no, he doesnt want to settle it, he just wants a divorce, what will i do?
do i have the ability to stay married forever?

am going to be 28 next month so naturally, everyone (including me) expects that i should be married or at least, be preparing serious towards it.
with all these things, what i have seen personally, i'm just scared of the idea of marriage when i think about the nitty gritty of it.
dont get me wrong, i do want to marry. i want to have a companion and be someone's help-meet. i want to have beautiful kids that i can train up one day. i want to have my family. the idea of me getting married appeals to me and its not just about the marriage ceremony.

but in spite of all these, i am scared of marriage. its really scary. there's not guarantee that this is how my marriage will turn out, that i will be forever happy with my husband. no certainties, just hopes and wishes and faith that it will turn out well. thats it. looks like a thin thread.

i and Bubbly had a big row on tuesday and we settled it all yesterday. it was a small issue that blew up into something else cos normally, we dont go to sleep without talking about whatever's bothering us, thats the rule. and somewhere in my mind yesterday before we settled it, i just got tired and thot i'd just quit.
i dont know why and how my mind entertained that thot cos i really love Bubbly. he actually said he thinks deep down i am scared of commitment. sure i argued that no, i dont. but maybe i do?
its all so scary. will i just easily give up on my marriage when problems come, cos i know they will come?

am i the only 28 year old female thinking this way?

these folks, are the thots in my mind this friday morning and i thot to share it with the one people who'd listen. getting pretty personal eh?

for those of u who have braved it and married (mrs. sydelle, enkay), i salute ur courage and pray that u'll never ever get divorced, no matter what.
for those of u who havent, pray u find the courage. i heard (and have also seen) that it does work out and marriage is truly a beautiful thing.

of course i'd love to hear ur thots.

have a great weekend y'all!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I can imagine all i've missed, been doing blog rounds. the internet went AWOL on me for about 2 weeks and as usual, i've been extremely busy, sometimes i just hate lawyers..... And nothing new's happening so.....

I've been having serious menstrual cramps since yesterday, the kind that grips u and makes u bowl over with really agonizing pains. Just made me wonder how childbirth is going to be if ordinary menstrual cramps is this bad, the mere thought of childbirth makes me shudder.... na wa.

But really, i want a lasting solution to this cramps thing, it makes my life really miserable, cramps, waist pain, back ache, giant headaches and dysentry. I take 2 capsules of felvene against all advice that i should stop it as its too strong. Pls dont tell me to go to the hospital, the only option is going to a private hospital and i will come back with a national bill for ordinary menstrual pain, am sure they'll want to admit me sef.
What really causes menstrual cramps anyway? i've heard many things, sugar intake etc but i just want to know and find a lasting solution. Help anyone?!?!

Away from cramps, there's this issue.....

Jos Crisis.

This is some very very saddening news. the jos thing is gradually turning into the infamous Hutsi and Tutsi thing except that we are not completely sure this is religous or ethnic crisis. It amazes me that some group of people will just wake up one day and decide its time to take innocent lives to prove a useless point. what do these demons really want?

It just got me thinking, while we are busy living our lives, taking each day as it comes with its wahala, trying to make money and pay bills etc someone just decides out of nowhere that its time to burn and destroy all u have and then kill you.
I'm trying to imagine how helpless those people could have been while facing an obvious and gruesome death, unprepared.
I'm trying to imagine what kind of demon would possess anyone to kill a pregnant woman and a child by cutting them up. Shooting from afar is equally gruesome, but looking into the eyes of a helpless child and cutting him up, why???

This has really got me sad. I really wish and pray something would be done to stop this madness.

My heart goes out to all those affected by the jos crisis. may God comfort them all.

Monday, March 1, 2010

no title

Hi Pipo, hope u r having a better life/day/month?

I thot the month had started on a good note until later in the day yesterday when my boss got into a rage.
My boss is quite nice and friendly but is also one of the most difficult person on earth. she wants things to be done properly and orderly, no problem with that but her definition of properly and orderly changes every frigging day and its just hard to keep up. what was right and proper yesterday is gross and stupid today and u just have to guess whats good for tommorow. and once one person misses it that day, lots of people are in trouble for that day.

so yesterday, miss Clerk refused to carry her files into her office on time and automatically, i was at fault! i was running another errand so i didnt think i had to monitor Miss Clerk to see she saw the case files into her office. and when she gets mad, she rakes and rakes and rakes and says lots of things and u r forced to wonder "ok, what exactly is going on?". I actually cried yesterday cos she made it sound like i dont do ANYTHING just receive salary which is just crazy cos i do work, a lot!
ok, maybe crying is silly but i just hate to look incompetent and lazy cos i am not.

Anyway, i guess its one of the hazards of my job and working with my kind of boss.
Meanwhile, Miss Clerk will hear it from me today, nobody should just add to my already full to the brim schedule of work and take no insults for the wrong they do.
thats that with me and my raging boss.

So am going political today.
The state of our nation is really like a movie, at first it was a comedy of all sorts. Now its fast becoming a horror movie.
I dont hate Yaddy, its not his fault that guy is sick, i really dont wish him dead. But seriously, is anything wrong with him resigning to take care of his health? what is wrong with Turai anyway?! Are they going to hide the true state of this man's health till 2011 or when (which by the way is silly cos we will know wassup eventually one day one day)? What is the big idea anyway? are they so against Jonathan becoming President or........... I am really out of ideas.

What bothers me is the implications of this. This is one way to invite the military back in. These guys think democracy has gone on for long enough anyway so its time to step in again. I dont pray for it to happen but really, this is one good reason for them to steal the show while everyone is still confused.
And why is there so much fuss as to whether Jonny Boy should chose the members of his own cabinet? Of course he should. I am against his transferring Aaondoka to special duties, he should have kicked the guy's arse farther than that, like remove him totally. That guy (AG) messed things up too much. Jonny Boy should have people who are ready to work with him on board, fini!

Just wanted to vent my anger against my boss and the state of the nation since i cant exactly confront the parties involved.

Have a great month guys.