Thursday, July 24, 2008

Toilet Issues

For about 2 or 3 months now, we have had toilet issues in the office (hence the topic). the facility managers locked up all the toilets in the whole building (yes they did), a building that has about 50 offices! there reason: some people havent paid water bills (i dont believe them jare) and so we are all going to suffer till whenever!

anyway, i dont have to tell u the hardship this has caused. for one, this is abuja, central area, there is no bush to do ur private biz. the other offices around us i.e Human Virology and FCMB that CANNOT have toilet issues have since chased us from using their toilets. u have to see skilling in the art of toileting, anywhere we go, courts, banks etc, we have to pee, in fact, we are duty bound to pee (or do No. 2, as applicable) before going back to the office. the other chics in the block, very toosh chics with toosh cars, i wonder where they go, home? i wonder cos i know d ting go dey catch dem too!

today, the thing just caught me suddenly (No. 2 that is) and i had to go look for a toilet fast. Zenith bank just opened a branch next to us and we have accounts there (pls dont ask me how much i have there, its zero naira) so sometimes in go under the guise of transaction or something. today, our account officer wasnt there and so i had to act. u should see urs truly forming professional levels! i was blowing big grammar to ask stupid ATM questions and to inquire about children acct on behalf of my colleague (who send me msg, i wonder o!), of cos i quickly let the guy know that it wasnt my kids acct, i have no kid (he just might be single u know!)
funny thing is, all the acting and forming and inquiry was for just one purpose: to go and shit!!!!! (sorry for being so blunt). as i was forming, the thing was threatening to come down by force. i professionally excused myself and requested for the bathroom, i pray the man didnt know how much time i spent in there cos i took my time well well! very very toooooooooosh toilet, like the one in my house (ok, not exactly).

i dey imagine how dem go take pursue us from dat last place of solace, i.e, Zenith Bank! may that day never come b4 the idiots find an alternative to our toilet issues.


edengsify said...

ds is soooooooo real and crazy, i like it.

Omotee! said...

Ope o! Make una rejoice for us o! dem don put water for our toilet o!
edengsify, thanx, the toilet is open to u too!

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