Thursday, July 24, 2008


I have no idea what it is am doing on the net this early. am supposed to be doing some research or lawyer work of some sort. yeah right, you wish! sometimes i get the kicks out of being a lawyer and sometimes i wonder what i am doing there. Court could be so funny. the rituals of bowing for the court, observing "absolute" decorum, the whole wig and gown affair..... its amusing. i secretly imagine me yelling at the Judge one day, just to spice things up. but even i know, that in my deepest and madest state of mind, dem no born my father, it still remains at best, an imagination.

just got in from court, it was ok, not so boring but i wish we had taken much time, i am sooooooo bored and wonder what i will be doing for the whole of today. i have no intention of doing anything serious. i just want to go hom and sleep. i doubt if i am cut for work and i doubt if i am cut out for marrying Dangote or his likes and so i guess i have to be cut for work.


leedlaw said...

Yeah you are right fried, at times you ask your self why you have spent all these years stuying Law, but i bet you its the greatest oppurtunity i ever had. Well the seniors push all the work to you cos they believe you are as sharp as cutlass but will only sharpen you with Well sister just find the sweet little spot in you the you will explode like Hiroshima with talents that really fetch good bank account...

Omotee! said...

bros (abi?), i dont want to be sharp rite about now o, i wanna be rich! i fit carry my Oga do rituals sef! just kidding.
do u really enjoy practice?!