Saturday, July 26, 2008

how annoying can it be, am at work again on a saturday!!!!!! Oga just called me now making sure i am putting finishing touches to his work, if only he knew. and then of cos, he asked "awon boyfriends wa nko?" (how are the boyfriends?). how da heck am i sposed to find any if am at work on a sat at this time?!

nywayz, wont complain too much, at least i dey use their interntet anyhow, do me i do u.

not like i have anything to say o, just that i am sooooooooo fine today, y'all shd see ur girl! i look like tooto (janded). my best friend is around from lag, hooked up with my friends from sec. school, i am going to have ice-cream right now and then suya at yahuza and probably chinese awuf (who cares really?! i dey jabo sef).

am out!

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