Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fab wknd, crazy week

Hey, been a while init? like anyone cares!

Had a very very fabulous weekend, think i said it already. hooked up with my girls from sec school, havent seen in 8 yrs, we are all grown assed women now and all so single, at least, i aint the only single girl in town! so we had lots of fun, talking bout the good ol' days, who did what in school, who smoked what, yadi, yadi, yadi.... twas a really wonderful weekend.
MF and friends came over too, cooked and had fun too. seeing MF on a sat and sunday consecutively is a plus, he is always so "busy" and "tired" and has to play football. it gets me wonder when exactly i will start obeying Greg ( u know Greg of he isnt just that into u). i really should leave MF until he is sure of what he wants cos i know what i want (yeah right)! nywayz, MF and friends came over and it was all so fun and lovey dovey and now we are back to status quo! dont let me bore ya.

went to lokoja for a matter yesterday, came back today and i am WONZED! i really really do hate going to that lokoja, apologies to indigenes but its just such an annoying town, they havent been blessed with governors who care about that town. my trip there always reminds me of my NYSC days when i had to be going thru Onitsha, those were horrible days! really, those high up there should find a way of improving their states! i mean, isnt it gonna be to their credit if they do?! nwayz, dont intend to be a politician or turn this into some political blog, am just sincerely concerned.

the case was ok, not like the matter went on, those bloody defendants reeally dont want to work on the case. u should see the lawyer on the other side, old man like dis. d man dey make me laff ehn! first and 2nd time wey i go for d mata, come see shakara! na so so pose pose d man go dey pose for court, dey pose for me! na old man o! e fit born me for d profession sef, to move ordinary motion, e go talk and talk. e no know say, na me be d most junior lawyer for our office, dem send d smallest sting, am just a tip off d iceberg and then he go dey pose for me! trust urs truly, i dey take am shine well, well. no be lokoja? see urs truly blow big grammar for court, i no send d judge or anybody, i be small lady lawyer from abuja and all their posing no reach my own!
nwayz, d case dey annoy me right now and trip to lokoja isnt exactly trip to gwarimpa, its annoying. i don adjourn am till 2nd Oct. i get work to do on it now but i simply do not have time for it!

good to be back home/office. i always miss my office folks safe for just 1 person, office beefs dey o........ someone keeps getting on my nerves and am praying for an opportunity in which i can give a piece of my very unrenewed and undignified mind. Jesus don save me but dis e get people wey go always make u ressurect dat part wey i don kill, make person no tink say i be walk over! details later

mum still around, we are both going to be dead tired tonite so she wont ask me aw far with bobo gist. make everybody just free me jo. everyone seems to like to say "...., Oko lo ku bayi o, iwe to ka ti to, lo mu oko wa le" (na husband remain o, u don read book reach now, go bring husband).
make dem too try submit man for verification, abi?!

onto better (or worse) things, i am very tired and i need a massage! MF doesnt give massages, he is always tired, he only gives massage on one particular part of the anatomy (na u know wetin u dey tink o), not like i mind if its once in a while but u know, sometimes i just want to be catered to. the other candidate for this job is far away, na wa o!
i dey carry my issues go jo!

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