Thursday, August 14, 2008


i don begin dey hate dis leave o! i am almost always usually bored but this is different. this week, i have been MEGA SUPA DUPA EXTRA BORED!

it just keeps me wondering how anybody will concede to the idea of being a housewife! pls dont get me wrong (trust me, i can hear it all, and see the daggers too). at this age and stage, except u have a baby to nurse or want to stay home with ur very young kids, i cannot, for the life of me imagine why anyone would one to be a stay at home wife, its crazy! i almost ran mad.

I must say that am not in support of the 6am - 9pm work arrangement of women (single, married, mothers) and i feel gradually, the world is gearing towards anti-life (for lack of correct phrase) the fast growing ultra-modern (borrow me english) doesnt support the growth of a relationship, marriage (honey long time, sorry am too tired for sex, cant cook grab a pizza), family life generally etc and thank God (kinda) for the invention of cell phones, i can convinently tell oga am at a late meeting while i am getting a quickie with my fine colleague (i no do am o), afterall, oga sef for don tire when we reach sef. its just crazy!

but i digress, back to main point.

In spite and despite my campaign for what i might call real life, i will never be able to understand why any man would want to camp his wife at home. more so when most men do it for the most selfish reasons. some men (usually) are simply scared of success, their definition of being the man to them means they have to have more money to subdue and suppress you, you cant buy or do nothing without them. some just have issues sha. whatever the issues, its all just bull crap!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Memoriam

Oluwakemi Folaranmi

my darling friend.

16th August would have been your birthday but now you are gone

just felt like you'll always be around,

we had such great plans this time last year,

we were going to be through with NYSC on the 14th of August last year,

we were going to be great women,

we prayed and dreamt good dreams together.

we had very little but great times together.

remember how we will buy corns and "ube" and eat it on the main road

cos it will be too cold by the time we got back home or the office,

and how u will always say "fimile jare, talo n wo jero mi?" (leave me alone, who is looking at me)

when i tell her we cant eat corn on the road.

remember how u used to encourage me when my boss annoyed me with all his wahala

how u had an answer and a sweet word for everything,

how u brought out comedy in terrible situations i found myself in.

remember how u used to console me when boyfie was turning my life upside down,

how u used to tell me things will work out well,

and pray with me.

remember the last time i saw you, January this year.

how could i have known it was the last time?

your pretty face still hunts me, your lovely voice

i still cant delete your phone numbers,

cant delete your name from my messanger.

it still baffles and hurts me to realise that you will never pick my calls again,

that you will never talk to me again.


i only pray and hope that we meet again with our Lord Jesus.

I love and miss you sooooo much.

sun re o!

Monday, August 11, 2008


forgot to add, the person in question (refer to anger management) bears a name i intend to give my first child, such an adorable and beautiful name. i call the name with so much passion (except of course when am in a rage). irony of life
MF and i broke up i think. it had to happen but i didnt know how or when, so i just allowed it to happen on friday. my hormones were on a rage so i was in a total state of disaray, but i keep telling myself it was better. God i hope am right.
but i miss MF sooooooooooooo much! i almost want to call him. want to hug him and play with his hair, i want to.............
aint no point. (sob, sob, sob)

anger management

worry not for i have calmed down now.
this morning, i was on a rage! office issues. and i am on leave fa!
so i woke up this morning, like a good girl, managing my cramp issues and prayed very well to start my day right. i probably oforgot to ask God to divert the trouble seekers away from my path.
dont want to go into the main issues, but then, i asked my small oga concerning the leave and it was resolved, or so i thot, next i knew, i got a semi-stinker from another colleague entirely! (remember, office beefs?)
i knew the proper thing was to listen to good music and calm down until later, instead, i allowed the devil (i knew it was the devil) to possess me small. i probably forgot to mention that i have a degree in stinker sending? well, i put my skills to bad use, i.e, wrote the very extent of my anger, well, ok, i expressed my displeasure in a stinker kinda manner.

nywayz, while i felt (still feel) justified to do so, it really does a lot to calm down when people try to send u into a rage. sometimes, u do as much wrong as they have done. in yoruba we say "ejo la n ko, a ki ko ija" (sorry, my translator is lost for now).
of course i dont really regret getting that mad, but i will calm down next time.
but sha o, make nobody try that thing this week again o! my adrenaline is on the HIGH!

leave is begining to bore me jo, i don tire!

later men!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

so far....

so far, leave has been good, no mad rush to leave the house, can sleep and wake up anytime, not like i can sleep past 7.30 am at the most but its been good sha. i miss work like crazy, didnt know i loved work and my colleagues so much, except the very annoying ones sha, its been a breath of fresh air.

am still basking in the joy of my new house.

MF and i are still together (sounds ridiculuous to me too), dont know what it is we are doing. but i really like MF and i hope a disaster doesnt happen b4 we find something to do bout ourselves. nywayz. we are having loads of fun, all my friends love MF..........
think am ranting, nothing to say i guess,

peace out!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

good news first! am on leave! ok, its just for a week and i have been thinking of what to do with my life for a whole week without work! of cos i have been to the office today sef! i just dey do fine girl all over town, looking so good, y'all should see ur girl!
nwayz, nothing much has been happening. i have been BROKE!!!!! so broke i am about to break into a bank but then, the thot of prison aint that appealing so i will just pass.

weekend was ok, just....there, nothing spectacular, was broke so i just stayed at home and did house chores till 4pm when i went to church.
church on sunday was boom! i dance like say God dash me lexus jeep, twas so nice. hope i mentioned that i do love church?! the music, effizy, etc (ok, i aint that vain but u know, its part of it).

about internet drama, na wa o! some guys just no dey sharp, for want of the appropriate word. guy was my senior in uni, met my friend from another uni and guy liked my friend but guy was very 'born again' then so the idea of toasting to him must have been a sin, i guess.
and suddenly, guy just got my number and started asking bout my friend. i gave him her number plus little details i felt safe with giving. ges wetin guy come begin dey ask me o, he went:
'.... pls give me her email'
me: guy, use d number now
guy: no, i want u to call her first
me: why, just gave u her no, do the rest now, but sha, if u fit send credit, i go call am (yes i did)!
guy: u no serious. tell me bout her, what school, how many years at the bar, age, grade in school.....
me: guy, what did u think the fone number was for?
guy: .... tell me now, pls. tell me bout her family, how are they in their home!
'o boy, na so i kolo o! if i had kept him on, guy would probably have asked what colour of pant she wears! her family! what da hell!
nwayz, told guy to go do the rest like men do, i cant toast for him.
guy now spoilt it all by sayin 'i may not go on if u dont tell me o'!
dat moment, i just lost it and gave him the very unrenewed version of my mind and told him exactly what i thot of him and gave him my unsolicited advice of how i think he should grow up and be a man!
not nice but i dont care. wetin sef, what was i sposed to say, tell him everything i know about her just bcos he MIGHT be asking her out? of cos i told him she wasnt exactly waiting for the miracle of him to happen and he can just hop to hell.
i dont think i even want my friends to date confused babies like him. afta dem help am toast, dem go help am do the doodie too??!!!!!!

afta men.....