Monday, August 4, 2008

good news first! am on leave! ok, its just for a week and i have been thinking of what to do with my life for a whole week without work! of cos i have been to the office today sef! i just dey do fine girl all over town, looking so good, y'all should see ur girl!
nwayz, nothing much has been happening. i have been BROKE!!!!! so broke i am about to break into a bank but then, the thot of prison aint that appealing so i will just pass.

weekend was ok, just....there, nothing spectacular, was broke so i just stayed at home and did house chores till 4pm when i went to church.
church on sunday was boom! i dance like say God dash me lexus jeep, twas so nice. hope i mentioned that i do love church?! the music, effizy, etc (ok, i aint that vain but u know, its part of it).

about internet drama, na wa o! some guys just no dey sharp, for want of the appropriate word. guy was my senior in uni, met my friend from another uni and guy liked my friend but guy was very 'born again' then so the idea of toasting to him must have been a sin, i guess.
and suddenly, guy just got my number and started asking bout my friend. i gave him her number plus little details i felt safe with giving. ges wetin guy come begin dey ask me o, he went:
'.... pls give me her email'
me: guy, use d number now
guy: no, i want u to call her first
me: why, just gave u her no, do the rest now, but sha, if u fit send credit, i go call am (yes i did)!
guy: u no serious. tell me bout her, what school, how many years at the bar, age, grade in school.....
me: guy, what did u think the fone number was for?
guy: .... tell me now, pls. tell me bout her family, how are they in their home!
'o boy, na so i kolo o! if i had kept him on, guy would probably have asked what colour of pant she wears! her family! what da hell!
nwayz, told guy to go do the rest like men do, i cant toast for him.
guy now spoilt it all by sayin 'i may not go on if u dont tell me o'!
dat moment, i just lost it and gave him the very unrenewed version of my mind and told him exactly what i thot of him and gave him my unsolicited advice of how i think he should grow up and be a man!
not nice but i dont care. wetin sef, what was i sposed to say, tell him everything i know about her just bcos he MIGHT be asking her out? of cos i told him she wasnt exactly waiting for the miracle of him to happen and he can just hop to hell.
i dont think i even want my friends to date confused babies like him. afta dem help am toast, dem go help am do the doodie too??!!!!!!

afta men.....

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Theresa said...

you must really be nice.
cos u took ur time coaching
a young man on the joys
and the way to toast a babe.
you are the every day
nice girl next door now
anyhows, nice blog.