Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In Memoriam

Oluwakemi Folaranmi

my darling friend.

16th August would have been your birthday but now you are gone

just felt like you'll always be around,

we had such great plans this time last year,

we were going to be through with NYSC on the 14th of August last year,

we were going to be great women,

we prayed and dreamt good dreams together.

we had very little but great times together.

remember how we will buy corns and "ube" and eat it on the main road

cos it will be too cold by the time we got back home or the office,

and how u will always say "fimile jare, talo n wo jero mi?" (leave me alone, who is looking at me)

when i tell her we cant eat corn on the road.

remember how u used to encourage me when my boss annoyed me with all his wahala

how u had an answer and a sweet word for everything,

how u brought out comedy in terrible situations i found myself in.

remember how u used to console me when boyfie was turning my life upside down,

how u used to tell me things will work out well,

and pray with me.

remember the last time i saw you, January this year.

how could i have known it was the last time?

your pretty face still hunts me, your lovely voice

i still cant delete your phone numbers,

cant delete your name from my messanger.

it still baffles and hurts me to realise that you will never pick my calls again,

that you will never talk to me again.


i only pray and hope that we meet again with our Lord Jesus.

I love and miss you sooooo much.

sun re o!


Sienne said...


i have lost friends but not so close, take it easy

e dey well

Omotee! said...

thanx darling. sure does hurt.

Sienne said...
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Sienne said...

God dey eh!
Your friend does look familiar, what school did she go to

aloted said...

wow...so sorry to hear about ur friend..

first time here..