Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Myne Whitman

Pray that today, the good Lord will grant all your heart desires and make you truly happy.

Pray your path will keep shinning brighter and brighter.

Cant send your birthday gift so here's your cake:

Hope you like it?

Have a blast!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Independence.

I went to the Independence Towers in Abuja to watch the fireworks on 31st Sept. It was lots of fun amidst shouts of "waoh" with the beautiful fireworks. The fireworks were really really..... awesome! At least we saw part of the 10 billion. It was also very emotional, u had to see the way people were singing the anthem, for me and most people there, it went beyond having fun, it was some kind of patriotism and loyalty, at least for that moment.

Unfortunately, evil people didnt let this happy moment linger for long....

Friday morning i went to the office just to get some work done. I actually contemplated leaving early to drive around and see whats happening around Eagles Square, thank God i didnt.
I was at work when the bomb blasts happened. From my window at work u can see Hilton and some other places quite well so i heard the blast and saw the smoke. Somehow i thot they were gun salutes or canon balls being fired in celebration. Bomb blast did not occur to me at all.

I have heard so many theories as to who might have done it and what the purpose was. What sick statement could whoever did it was trying to make? This might sound crazy but if you have to blow anyone up, why didnt u just kill the people that mattered? The bombs killed innocent people who have no say in what goes on in this country - election wise, power wise or whatever. So what was the frigging point?!!!
I think it was just sick - regardless of who dunnit - to do that kind of thing on independence day. Inglorious Basterds!!

More annoying were the events and statements that followed: How SSS actually got a warning that such a thing was going to happen and still did nothing about it. How MEND claimed responsibility and then denied it afterwards etc

Most annoying were the road blocking that security operatives engaged themselves in afterwards, causing unnecessary traffic all over the place. We come begin dey use panadol after death, to cure wetin me i no know o! they were busy doing "Ground Zero" and "Gathering forensic evidence" that nobody will hear anything out of it.
The evidence, the perpetrators and all related facts will circulate in newspapers for a few days, AIT and Channels go talk talk without any credible answer and that will be the end of it, the story will die a natural death, as usual.
Road safety and VIO con begin dey ask everybody "where are u going and what are u going to do" in broad day light like say pesin wey carry bomb go dey so stupid so tay road safety and VIO go catch am. Shio!!!

I pray God should reveal those evil men somehow and punish them. I pray that He will console the families of those that died meaningless deaths. I pray for healing for those receiving treatment.
I pray that that God will heal this country somehow, I know it can be done..... somehow.......