Saturday, May 9, 2009

Follow up on yesterday's deep shit:

Thanks everyone for the advice et al. Though now i realise i didnt make myself very clear, in the text, i wrote out his name, in full! just wrote it here as Fellow for anonymity's sake, so just replace Fellow with a guy's name, thats what makes it such a deep shit!!!!

if there was no name there, i would have easily told him it wasnt meant for him or about him.

Antyways, i sent a text to him yesterday, immediately after i realised my mistake and per advice of my colleagues, saying, sorry the text was not meant for u. am so sorry.

Fellow did not respond, he just called much later around 6pm:

Fellow: Omotee how now? where are u?

Me: Just leaving office, going home now (my heart was doing 340 at the mo but i was good at covering it)

Fellow: Apparently mo ti be (which means "i have been forward") cos i just learnt we are not allowed to bring in guests for the dinner (which is a civil way of saying i dont wanna see u)

Me: ehn ehn? ok then, no problem.

Fellow: ok then, hope u r fine sha? take care (said very nicely like nothing happened).

Me: Ok. "CLick".

I have re-read the text message a zillion times and tried the to re-wind time but Geenie don travel. I still feel bad cos i know it will spoil the friendship we had or at least put a strain on it. but then, its one of those things i guess. i have even laughed over it.

Thursday will tell when we see at salsa. knowing him, he probably will just say hi politely, ignore me and pretend like nothing happened. its not exactly a broachable topic. if he ever talks about it, its an opportunity for him to say "Omotee, i was just being a friend, i had nothing in mind, didnt know ur mind will travel that far" and it will be my turn to look and feel stupid and foolish.

abeg, i don free myself jo! shirappens!

Of cos we all know that will be being economical with the truth.

Funny thing is, i have done this foolish thing before. i was to send Luscious Ron a text about an ex who was getting funny with me and i sent it to the guy in question! luckily all i said was: "i must be mad o, i just had 5 mins of serious sizzling kissing with my ex!"

so he replied and said: "nobody is mad! mind urself o! next time i catch u, it will be hours of serious sizzling kissing!" and we just laughed it off.
i have been extra cautious in text messaging since yesterday.

thanks everyone and have a great weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2009


My issue is as bad as the topic, i am in a deep shit, literarily!!!
I have a friend, very nice guy, we met at salsa and been quite close since then. Sometimes i feel we are too close, he can leave my house late and i dont really mind cos i just see him as my friend. He has a nice relationship with all my friends that he knows. we have so much fun together. he is one of the main reasons why salsa is so much fun for me.
so today, i did the most stupidest thing.
he called this morning to invite me for a dinner party. my room mate (who has been hoping something happens between us) was very excited about it this as expected. i then sent her the following text:
"I am really praying and hoping "Fellow" doesnt ask me out, i'll feel very akward turning him down. y cant he just be who i want.?"
U can imagine what i did, yeah u guessed right, i FOOLISHLY AND STUPIDLY sent the text to him!!!!!!!!! (u are permitted to tell me how stupid i am).
u know how nokia fones are, it gives u recent call list and recently used options when u want to send messages. roomy had called earlier before Fellow and so i just stupidly sent it to Fellow.
My colleague said i should just send a text to say "sorry, pls that text wasnt meant for you, am sorry" which i did immediately but thats not going to wipe out my previous text. this is one moment i wish MTN will misbehave!! wish denied, Genie is dead!!!
Of cos i wont go to the dinner, guilt wont make me ride the same car with him or sit beside him.
But pls tell me, what can i do??? talk about it?? say nothing until he talks about it???? pls help me!!!!!!
I have been doing stupid mistakes this week. First was mis informing my boss on Monday that his 12pm flight was 2pm and i entered that yawa BIG TIME. i narrowly escaped by getting the tickets at the airport. might interest u to know that Fellow talked me out of the blues i got from it and see what i did to him.
today, i mistakenly filled the names of shareholders on my colleagues forms, he is in a good mood today so world war 3 was averted.
is something wrong with me? am i on some curse or what?
My colleague asked me what exactly is wrong with fellow that i cannot fathom a relationship with him. pls note, he isnt even asking me out yet o, he is just being nice and am sure he has guessed i dont have a serious boyfriend.
Fellow is ok, nice guy, very nice, friendly, the kind of person all ur friends get along with. good sense of humour, hard working and intelligent. all those things. I just do not like him that way. plus (now i expect u to think am crazy too), i am an inch taller than him, is that a silly excuse?
pls blogsville, talk to me, i need u now!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


1. Being very very very rich (prefarably to be Mrs. Femi Otedola or Dangote)
2.Being Mrs. ......... (i trully wanna marry and cash my V cheque)
3. Getting a better paying job
4. loosing weight (and still get to eat choc cakes)
5. becoming an icon in the legal profession
6. raising my own kids
7. a better practising christian
8.Constant blogging(Not necessarily in that order)
1. did a short prayer
2. worked, a lot
3.bought my mum an impromptu gift (hey am nice)
4. did a post on my page
5. danced and had plenty fun at salsa
6. drank 2 cups of tea late last night and ate one slice of toast
7. imagined me being a slimmer girl and dancing so well
8. slept like an idiot!
1.Become a better Christian (true)
2.Play a bass guitar (Luscious Lu copied my dreams)
3. Live a much more fulfilled life
4. Buy lovely bras and dresses (vain, i know)
5. Visit Egypt, Greece, Mecca and Jerusalem
6. Slap rude policemen who ask for bribe and harrass poor people
7. Yell at my dirty neighbours who do not believe in using trash cans
8. Have a contact at PHCN to ensure i have uninterrupted power supply
1. Desperate Housewives
2.Grey's Anatomy
3. Ellen Degenres Show (once in a while)
4.Sex and the City
6. AIT News
7.NTA News
8. My funny roomate and friend (i tell u, she's a show to behold)
1. MDM
2. LusciousRon
3. Roc Naija
5. Miss Love
6. Simon
7. Nefertiti
8. Scribble
6. Missfly high
Hope y'all have a good rest this break. Cheerio!