Friday, May 1, 2009


1. Being very very very rich (prefarably to be Mrs. Femi Otedola or Dangote)
2.Being Mrs. ......... (i trully wanna marry and cash my V cheque)
3. Getting a better paying job
4. loosing weight (and still get to eat choc cakes)
5. becoming an icon in the legal profession
6. raising my own kids
7. a better practising christian
8.Constant blogging(Not necessarily in that order)
1. did a short prayer
2. worked, a lot
3.bought my mum an impromptu gift (hey am nice)
4. did a post on my page
5. danced and had plenty fun at salsa
6. drank 2 cups of tea late last night and ate one slice of toast
7. imagined me being a slimmer girl and dancing so well
8. slept like an idiot!
1.Become a better Christian (true)
2.Play a bass guitar (Luscious Lu copied my dreams)
3. Live a much more fulfilled life
4. Buy lovely bras and dresses (vain, i know)
5. Visit Egypt, Greece, Mecca and Jerusalem
6. Slap rude policemen who ask for bribe and harrass poor people
7. Yell at my dirty neighbours who do not believe in using trash cans
8. Have a contact at PHCN to ensure i have uninterrupted power supply
1. Desperate Housewives
2.Grey's Anatomy
3. Ellen Degenres Show (once in a while)
4.Sex and the City
6. AIT News
7.NTA News
8. My funny roomate and friend (i tell u, she's a show to behold)
1. MDM
2. LusciousRon
3. Roc Naija
5. Miss Love
6. Simon
7. Nefertiti
8. Scribble
6. Missfly high
Hope y'all have a good rest this break. Cheerio!


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...


Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

Argghhhh babe you tagged me!!! lol ok ok I'll do it ..well thanks for having me in mind sha :-)

Money and marriage ... who doesn't want it lol ..

I want to buy lovely bras and dresses too!! is it vain ?

who doesn't want to become a better Christian ? I'm behind you hunny

Well I'll do this 8 thing soon , promise x

you have a lovel weekend too.

Danny BaGucci said...

LOL @ you wanting to be Mrs Otedola or Dangote.. Don't we all wish?

Not panic stations time yet.. You'll be fine on cashing your V-cheque methinks...

Ditto for the becoming a better Christian part.. I hear God meets the earnest seeker.. Keep looking out..

Luscious LU said...

Get married and cash your V check...

Girl i'm proud of you,you are a rare find now so just hang in there a little bit more.

Afrobabe said...

OLE...Mrs Dangote kuh....hmm come to think of it I have those dreams as well....

BSNC said...

yea i want to become a better christian too..

lol@ slap rude policemen who ask for bride. er... good luck with that

LusciousRon said...

Omotee I rebuke and reject this tag by fire! I am not doing o!

Didn't you know Otedola was married? Olodo you want to be 2nd wife abi? Come to think of it, I won't mind being a friend to you when you acquire that title.

As for Dangote you will be better off with one of the sons.

You this gal you no serious.

Omotee! said...

@Miss Fly High:
will check now if u've done the tag. by the way, pls pick some bras for me as well, jo dearie. am a 34DD (everyone knows this), i love pink ones, lets just say its my birthday gift! thanx love.

@danny bagucci:
guy, i dey vex for u o! everytime i try to check ur blog it tells me am not invited! ok, abeg now, bros mi, pls (am actually begging)!

thanks darling. so wa?

before nko, i tell u say we be cuzins! whats good dearie?

yes o! ur picture looks like u have a stern face, i sincerely hope u do, so after i slap policeman, i go come call u make u fight for me, abi now?

see ur life, u go become my friend after i marry am, barawo! u wan make we finish my husband money.

and why u dey reject the tag?

QMoney said...

See ur mouth,Mrs Dangote indeed,i wanna learn salsa toooooooo,i always imagine i could dance so very well.can u imagine?u arent wishin phcn would become better,u are wishin u'll know sum1 there,have u given up on them?lol
how are u?

Buttercup said...


awww @ u buying ur mum an impromptu gift :)

i hope ur wishes come true o!

Smaragd said...

lol @ Mrs. Dangote or Otedola? isn't it funny how those two r fighting away like they own Naija! agbayas

dresses... bras.. omg! u just totally reminded me that I have to get sexy lingerie by month's end! don't ask why.

Enkay said...

Hi! Read your last post and laughed!

I thought it was funny.
First time here!

Me too I want to be Mrs Otedola o! lol!!

Chi-Chi said...

First time here ..

I have been to Greece-- very beautiful and relaxing

also want to go to Jerusalem and Egypt

TDVA said...

oooh, u tagged me!

i already did it.

ne nene ne ne!