Monday, February 22, 2010

Vals, Lag, Witches etc

Hi Pips. Been a while, i have been updating, in my mind tho, pardon me. Its been crazy as usual.
where do i start now? ah ha, Vals day!

Feb. 14th 2010 so far has been the best val day i've had in my 27 yrs of existence, considering the fact of course that its virtually the first "real" val celebration for me, sad init? I told u that in the past my radar always caught no gooders and stupid boys, they either ask me out after vals day or break up/travel/go on military operation etc during this very important period.
i've gotten a few gifts in the past. e.g a guy i totally did not dig got me a Charles Delon necklace, very pretty, unfortunately, nothing came out of it. 2008 MF got me some stupid choc, little key ring teddy and card, i dont know how the choc managed to be tasteless but then, i digress. all that is in the past now, praise Gad!!!

So Bubbly got me a lovely teddy bear, very white and red, i've named it Snowy. U can call me agbaya all u want, i've always wanted a teddy bear that would mean a lot. My dad got me one cute yellow teddy for my 25th. i have no idea why the man did that. But at least, Snowy has a girlfriend now, isnt that just cute.

So it was a simple but lovely day. he had ordered chinese and we ate it picnic style. pitched our "tent" far away from people, in a park we both love. we talked, gisted, gazed into each others eyes, stared at the starts and made plans of how we want our lives to be. and i must have given him a 100 kisses that day. it was simple but for me, very memorable.
and oh, i wore this very hot pink alter top on jeans which led to some things later in the evening. I AINT TELLING!!!! get ur mind outta the gutter, good girls dont tell :)

I hated the following monday cos i remembered all the stupid files i have to work on again and listen to silly lawyers move stupid motions. why didnt they just declare monday public holiday sef? right now they are all written in arabic, i'm trying to decode and translate to english.

was in lag last weekend for a friend's wedding. it was ok, had some fun. hooked up with my friend (she usually is my motivation for going to lag anytime) yours truly looked very very gorgeous i tell u, u know how i like owambe kinda life. this my profession just keeps dulling me plus abuja folks dont throw very correct parties.
everything got me tired and didnt really sleep well cos of the heat, it was terrible. i had the hugest headache and cramps sat evening. it was terrible and scary. was just lucky i got people offering to drive me around most of the time, for that, am really grateful. i was EXTREMELY happy and thankful when i left lag tho, apologies to my lag folks, i thot abuja was hot, lag is just on some different level of hotness!

i broke some rules on my dieting in lag. i had a full plate of jollof and friend rice and fried chicken at the party. had 2 slices of yam on saturday and sunday morning. i felt guilty. but i resisted drinks sha. so my diet continues full time now, no more rubbish.

a few randoms:

was watching africa magic at the salon last sat. it was something about witchcraft and mammy water. our depiction of witches and mammy waters always crack me up:

- they always have weird attires and weird hair styles and make up or marks
- they always laugh (usually three times with pauses in btw) whenever they are happy or angry
- they always sing and dance at their meetings
- everything beneath the oceans in mammy waters place is always beautiful and rosy and has lots of fruits while the other witches meet in dark and ugly places

just wondering o, is it really like this? dont be afraid to answer, i wont think u r a witch. lol.

have a great week y'all!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diet, Val, Bags and other Ish

Hi pipo!
So am getting better by the day on my diet thingi. breakfast today is lettuce (which i really really hate), carrot, tomatoes basically. i sprinkled some baked beans (just a few) and sweet corn so it wont taste so boring, otherwise, i'd throw up. Today i just feel like bread and very rich butter but so far, am winning over cravings. i shall be doing my progress result every now and then.

I've always wondered, why do we ladies clutter our handbags? some ladies (including myself sometimes) just fill it with things we dont really need or we'll never use but just throw it in there all the same. whats in ur bag this moment? are they all necessary? in my bag i have:

MAKE UP BAG: i only use the lip gloss and powder once in a while at work so i wonder why i still carry it around, maybe to feel like a girl?

JOURNAL: useful for taking notes in church basically or to read/write when i have to wait at some boring place which is like....once in a blue moon? but i still carry it around.

WALLET: but of cos! dont be decieved sha, except i have crisp notes, u wont find money in it, i keep money in purses in the bag.

NUTRI C: i've been carrying these 3 satchets for like 2 wks now, wont drink it, wont give it out and wont keep them elsewhere, i just forget!

SUNSHADES: essential in this Abuja's hot sun (or posing sha). i also have a black ink marker, pencil and biro - i need only the biro and wont remember the drop the rest. another small note book which is serving no purpose, mouth freshner, phones, hair ribbon, hand cream, orbit and baby wipes just finished. not too much junk eh?

So here's my val wish list, pls dont say i didnt give u enough notice, of cos the gifts dont have to reach on val day gan gan, u know. and feel free to pick more than one item:

PERFUME(S) - doesnt have to be one, preferably Elizabeth Arden, anything convinient

WRIST WATCH - I love swatch. Any nice wrist watch would do.

CHOCOLATES/CAKE - u r so not allowed to wave the diet card this moment, its val's day!!! nobody can be that mean! I'll resume to eating leaves right after that and will burn it off.

MYNE WHITMAN'S NOVEL - pls check her blog for details

JOURNAL - i need a nice bible/personal rant journal, preferably pink

SHOPAHOLIC SERIES - any of Sophie Kinsella's books, except "Shopaholic and Sister"

of course i would love shoes and dresses too but that would be too much trouble for u and i dont want to be a bother. am so considerate! or u could just send the money if u dont want to do all these wahala. just indicate ur choice in the comment sector.

lovely things not included in the list are also very welcome. operating word being "lovely"


uncle Agbaya just left my office, was in court and decided to come see me. he came to woe me some more and tell me what other ways that adultery will be beneficial. some people just no dey hear one time sha?!?!

he threatened subtly that now am posing, when he becomes "bigger boy" he will not have my time to which i replied "no problem and still, nothing for u now or later, Sir".

I just dey laff, na wa!
aint we just happy about the removal of the Attorney-General? its been long overdue and am excited about it. Guy should just resign if he has any intergrity but then, who said he has in the first place?
thanx Myne et al that told me how to upload pictures, as u can see, i now know!


Friday, February 5, 2010


I am still on this diet issue. After discovering that everything i love is poisnous, or so i thought, i found out more. Everything in the world is tendering towards poisnous.

I told u my boss is cute at 50 yeah? girl turned 50 january. she wore jeans on wednesday and she looked...fabulous! so we got talking about weight and she started telling me (again) the things i have to stop eating. she kukuma go bring me plenty formula of what to eat and what not. Of cos the things that are safe for me are extra-ordinarily booooooooooooring to put it mildly.

yesterday i ate some fruits and tomatoes for breakfast. ate some rice with veg for lunch- ok, quite bearable.
moins for dinner- not bad
today it was carrots, paw paw and water melon for breakfast - very very boring.
wheat bread for lunch which by the way is poisnous too, a bit. i've got moin moin already for tonight.
i'm to run away from all types of fizzy drinks. this is not so so hard, i hope.
run from all fried things - a bit hard but doable.
pls does nutri C count as bad too? The most difficult parts of my mornings are when i have to drink water, its just somehow jare.

then she did the ultimate, pulled out a list of common foods and their calories, i wanted to die!!!!
i have selected a few for u to see:

peanuts/cashew nuts - 20z 1/4 cup - 205
saltline crackers - 5 pieces - 60
ice cream - 1 cup - 150 (oh no!)
pound cke - 1 slice - 380 (whatever that is, its bad)
banana - 1 medium - 105
orange juice - 1 glass - 100
malt - 1 bottle - 250 (i'm never gonna taste that s*** again!)
tonic water/ginger ale - 1 bottle - 115
cocoa - 1 glass - 250 (Jeez, does milo count?)
custard with whole milk - 3/4 cup - 175
pap - 1 cup - 200
wheat cereal - 2 weetabix - 127
bournvita/milo - 1 tablespoon - 50 (thats a joke right?)
cornflakes - 1 cup - 123
boiled egg - 1 - 80
fried egg - 1 - 200
white bread/wheat bread - 1 slice - 65 (for real???)
boiled yam - 1 slice - 105
akara - 2 big balls - 610 (how come?)
beef (non fat) - 1 piece- 202
chicken - 1 piece - 165
boiled rice - 1 cup - 210
fried rice/jollof rice - 1 cup - 390
beans - 1 cup - 210
eba - 250gm- 320
amala - 250g - 282
semovita - 250g - 250
pounded yam - 250g - 260
tuwo (corn starch) - 250g - 317
spaghetti - 140g - 155
fried plantain - 1 medium - 300 (no wonder!!!)
fried potatoes - 6 sticks- 100
fufu - 250g - 320
sausage - 100g - 476 (OMG!!! i love sausages so much)

this is just some of the items, its about 3 pages, just ignored the other ones.

at this rate, they will condemn everything in the world as poisnous, what then shall we eat?

in short, there's nothing safe other than fruits and veggies again, like seriously?????!!!!
dieting is so hard men, whose idea was it anyway?!
in one of them diets, they proposed just vegs and fruits a week, hello??? are u frigging kidding me??!!!

i'm going to start some exercise tommorow too. only wonder how long this will last, i'm so indisciplined its so annoying. like this funny book i read a long time ago "My diet starts tommorow". it was so funny, the chic kept postponing her diets, its either she's too upset, heartbroken, happy and she has to eat. it was so funny!

anyway, am willing to try, lets see how it goes. at least i'll detox.
my diet has started.

have a great weekend y'all!

can anyone tell me how to add pictures in my post? the only option available to me is the one that i can put on my post title, i want it in the main post itself. how can i do it?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Benefits of Adultery

During my internship days before law school, i met this lawyer, very brilliant, hard working and all the works. He works in a very popular and prestigious law firm and was the head of chambers. He took us tutorials during law school days. This short background is to let you know how much i respect and rever this "Oga".

Sometime 2008/09, i had this feeling Oga was behaving funny, i couldnt really describe it but i knew. He had always been nice to me, now he was nicer, wanting to touch my cheeks etc.
I kept hoping i was wrong but i couldnt be bothered, i dont see him that often and whenever i see him, i do the very-respectful-yoruba-girl thingi; kneel, say "Sir" every minute etc.

So yesterday Oga found the courage to tell me his mind. That he knew why i was being overly respectful so that he wont be able to say his mind and that i was running away "you know i like you now and you are a matured lady, kilonse e now?" what is wrong with you now?
In my mind i went "Shuo?!?!"

Oga launched into toasting sorry, friendship proposal. Started telling me how the friendship will be beneficial, wont cause any problems btw me and my boyfriend cos he wont know and he wont be coming to my house or sending text messages, how nobody will know, how he will be able to take good care of me. It will be a matured thing, we wont meet in common places, he has a discreet hotel, we wont be sending messages, its not a big deal. we will just be meeting once in a while (i guess meeting connotes sex) and nobody will know. He wont get me pregnant cos he has no plans of marrying me, its just friendship and when i want to get married he will play his part well (give me money and attend), its just benefits all the way!

"Oga, am a xtian, i dont do all these things, its wrong."

"Ehn, am i not a xtian too? there's nothing wrong with it, it just requires understanding and maturity".

He went on to tell me that several girlfriends of his had the same objection in the past just like me but they got over it and enjoyed the friendship eventually.

Shuo my people, see me see issue o! If i didnt know better, i wouldnt have thought we were talking about adultery again! I almost clapped at him for the beautiful presentation. I told u, he's a good lawyer, lol.

Anyway, to get him off my back, i told him i'll call him and we'll talk later. I left the place adequately dazed. Not bcos he was toasting me, men hardly shock me, but the way and manner in which he painted it, you could have thought we were discussing about the advantages of buying a duplex over a bungalow and not adultery.

Am not trying to be Mother Theressa here but really and truly, what could the advantages be that will make someone decide to be 2nd fiddle? pay my rent, buy me a car (very unlikely sef), dash me plenty money. I'll be busy with the "friendship" and let all the marriable young mans pass by and then i'll probably wake up one day and see that i've been stupid?
Hell No! tufiakwa!
to what end na?

there's a new blogger, Bubu. Lets show her some love. its:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lets call them Bee and Tee.

Tee met Bee sometime 2008, Bee is a colleague's cousin, she just thot of him as cute and quiet. never ever thot anything could happen.
so sometime mid last year, they got talking more, got closer and closer, seeing almost on a daily basis, lots of text messages, the whole works. Tee was enjoying the attention and care. Bee is one very very caring man, the very definition of a perfect gentleman. he remembers every tiny detail Tee.

This is kinda new for Tee. her man radar always seemed to catch the no-gooders who were never sure what they wanted from her or life generally. He was just different, always knew what he wanted and went for it, doing all it requires to get it. a very matured man.
Everything was just going on well for them, it seemed like a perfect match. But there was a big issue:


Tee is a year and 2 months older than Bee. For Tee this was a big no no. She had refused to date a guy 7 days younger than she was during her uni days, the guy still hasnt gotten over that fact. Its just right and proper for the man to be older. Thats the norm.

Another issue, Bee is also just starting his life. He got called to the bar late last year which makes Tee 3 yrs above him professionally, he's doing his youth corp program right now. It will be quite right to say Tee is above him in the things that matter, so to speak.

So, some of you might have guessed along the line: this is the story of my life. I am Tee and Bubbly is Bee. I just wanted you to form your opinion before i told you who they are.

When Bubbly popped the question, i felt so sad and my heart ached but i was so convinced the honourable thing to do was say no. So i told him no, this cant work.
He wanted to know why but i wanted to save his ego, these things hurt men's ego i learnt. But i couldnt be evasive for too long, he wanted to know and then asked one day "Could this be about age?" I admitted it was.

He said he was willing to prove to me that it wasnt an issue for him and that it shouldnt stop us.
I kept thinking about everything that could possibly go wrong: his mum will hear and freak out, his friends will think am bossing him or that i've used jazz for him, he'll wake up one day and realise am too old for him, if i disagree with him he'll think am trying to lord it over him etc

Truthfully, i really really liked Bubbly, he makes me very very happy. For the first time in my life, i'm enjoying a drama-free relationship. There's no hide and seek, no shady secrets. He's a good xtian and very honest.
No, he is not perfect, he has his own issues, just like any human being. But with him, i am very happy.

Its not been all rosy. I'm having to change my mentality about dating a younger guy, its no longer such a big deal but its there, somewhere in my subconcious. I try to be normal, I respect him like i would any man and try not to make him uncomfortable or threatened. I'm proud of him and try to tell people as much as necessary of his true status, he is a youth corper and a green wig (fresh lawyer), thats what he is for now, he wont be like that forever. If people dont approve, well, they hide their dissappointment well.

The sum total of it is that, I think he loves me sincerely, if he's faking it, he's got to be better than Tom Hanks but then, I dont see why he would be lying. His mum has known and really likes me too, except she's better than Julia Roberts or so too. She seems to have accepted me.

I know i love him too, its hard not to fall for someone like Bubbly.
I told a very close friend who i know will be objective and she said :"you've been praying you meet a man who'll love u and make u happy, now u have found him, will u let age deny you of the joys of the relationship?"

So am taking it one step at a time, savouring the moment. I pray for the wisdom and strength to deal with this peculiar relationship of mine. And I'm praying things get better and that there will be a nice ending to this love story.

So thats it, story of my life.

i really would love to hear ur opinion on this, i've asked about it in the past, i've made my mind up so no big deal, do feel free to air ur opinion.


Happy New Month!
This very wonderful month.
Pls do share, how do u intend to celebrate valentine? Lets hear it!

I'm publishing my valentine wish list next post, pls do feel very free to pick more than one item, i will make them very affordable and postable. thank u very much!