Friday, February 5, 2010


I am still on this diet issue. After discovering that everything i love is poisnous, or so i thought, i found out more. Everything in the world is tendering towards poisnous.

I told u my boss is cute at 50 yeah? girl turned 50 january. she wore jeans on wednesday and she looked...fabulous! so we got talking about weight and she started telling me (again) the things i have to stop eating. she kukuma go bring me plenty formula of what to eat and what not. Of cos the things that are safe for me are extra-ordinarily booooooooooooring to put it mildly.

yesterday i ate some fruits and tomatoes for breakfast. ate some rice with veg for lunch- ok, quite bearable.
moins for dinner- not bad
today it was carrots, paw paw and water melon for breakfast - very very boring.
wheat bread for lunch which by the way is poisnous too, a bit. i've got moin moin already for tonight.
i'm to run away from all types of fizzy drinks. this is not so so hard, i hope.
run from all fried things - a bit hard but doable.
pls does nutri C count as bad too? The most difficult parts of my mornings are when i have to drink water, its just somehow jare.

then she did the ultimate, pulled out a list of common foods and their calories, i wanted to die!!!!
i have selected a few for u to see:

peanuts/cashew nuts - 20z 1/4 cup - 205
saltline crackers - 5 pieces - 60
ice cream - 1 cup - 150 (oh no!)
pound cke - 1 slice - 380 (whatever that is, its bad)
banana - 1 medium - 105
orange juice - 1 glass - 100
malt - 1 bottle - 250 (i'm never gonna taste that s*** again!)
tonic water/ginger ale - 1 bottle - 115
cocoa - 1 glass - 250 (Jeez, does milo count?)
custard with whole milk - 3/4 cup - 175
pap - 1 cup - 200
wheat cereal - 2 weetabix - 127
bournvita/milo - 1 tablespoon - 50 (thats a joke right?)
cornflakes - 1 cup - 123
boiled egg - 1 - 80
fried egg - 1 - 200
white bread/wheat bread - 1 slice - 65 (for real???)
boiled yam - 1 slice - 105
akara - 2 big balls - 610 (how come?)
beef (non fat) - 1 piece- 202
chicken - 1 piece - 165
boiled rice - 1 cup - 210
fried rice/jollof rice - 1 cup - 390
beans - 1 cup - 210
eba - 250gm- 320
amala - 250g - 282
semovita - 250g - 250
pounded yam - 250g - 260
tuwo (corn starch) - 250g - 317
spaghetti - 140g - 155
fried plantain - 1 medium - 300 (no wonder!!!)
fried potatoes - 6 sticks- 100
fufu - 250g - 320
sausage - 100g - 476 (OMG!!! i love sausages so much)

this is just some of the items, its about 3 pages, just ignored the other ones.

at this rate, they will condemn everything in the world as poisnous, what then shall we eat?

in short, there's nothing safe other than fruits and veggies again, like seriously?????!!!!
dieting is so hard men, whose idea was it anyway?!
in one of them diets, they proposed just vegs and fruits a week, hello??? are u frigging kidding me??!!!

i'm going to start some exercise tommorow too. only wonder how long this will last, i'm so indisciplined its so annoying. like this funny book i read a long time ago "My diet starts tommorow". it was so funny, the chic kept postponing her diets, its either she's too upset, heartbroken, happy and she has to eat. it was so funny!

anyway, am willing to try, lets see how it goes. at least i'll detox.
my diet has started.

have a great weekend y'all!

can anyone tell me how to add pictures in my post? the only option available to me is the one that i can put on my post title, i want it in the main post itself. how can i do it?


TecknicoleurGrl said...

u know what, maybe we should just stick to a water diet. Water for breakfast, water for lunch and water for dinner. And when you're feeling peckish, just have a glass of water.

leggy said...

when you upload the picture, then u can copy the link and post it to any part of the post you want.
i love all the things you mentioned here

Myne Whitman said...

Fruits and Vegs it is or just water like TKGirl suggested. LOL..

To upload pics, I use the buttons of the compose post box. Click on add image and it will upload it for you into the post itself.

Fabulo-la said...

ONE TBspoon of milo is 50 Calories???? SHOU! Do u now how many i put in my cup? LMAO I am screwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwed!

Lool good luck with the diet

Mineexclusively said...

Who came up with this list?

Akara is not 650 calories. Unless you frying it in lard. Jeez!!!

Fragilelooks said...

here u r,fightn to loose some whyle sme of ur r tryn to weigh up to 55kg. neways... GUDLUCK WIT UR DIETING.

Fragilelooks said...

i even heard water therapy helps u add w8 oh.

2cute4u said...

well, my heart goes out to you and to me as well cause there are just some things that i can't give up.. No amount of dicipline can get to me stopping chocolates and biscuits that are coated with chocolate cream.. Any guy who gets this for me, I just fall , lol.. aside that, i dont eat anything that contains carbohydrate.. rice, plaintain, yam, eba and all that belong in that family, bread of all kinds, etc. I live on fruits,licking soup,I dont eat meat just fish, snail,etc. I dont take soft drinks, but get give up my chocs and biscuits.
whta's your trademark.. get yours.. everyone's metabolism isn't the same.. get what goes with yours.. cheers.

Omotee! said...

teckgirl, LDKMD, abi o, since water is the only good thing now, lol. thanx for stopping by.

leggy thanx o, i'll try it and see how goes.

myne, no be small thing o, i have in front of me yet another boring breakfast of "leaves" (sigh), poor me.

fabulola - yes u r s****d, according to the list anyway, lol. how now?

minexclusively, i have no idea but i think i hate him/her already, this is frigging scary!

fragilelooks, irony of life init? thanx o, hope i can stick to it.

chacha, i think ur diet is still ok if u dont eat all those things u listed, i guess u r good. in my case, i havent found out how to banish rice totally from my diet.
but i'm entitled to choc on vals day yeah? lol

miz-cynic said...

pls send that list to me. i need it. also if there is picture to show the size that equals to the weights described. i wana place myself on a diet
my email is help my plight. i watched myself from a size 12 sometime july last year to 14 by december last year.

i love milo too, but now i drink tea,i loove icecream used to have a cup at leat 3ce a week now its once a week.thot orange juice was supposed to be good-freshly squeezed ones.

Omotee! said...

miz cynic, sorry there were no pictures. will send u the mail later today and the other ones i have too, there's a list of what u shd eat for 7 days so u can detox. pretty boring i warn u, lol. i pitied myself this morning when i was eating leaves like a goat!

thats what i thot about orange too until i heard it has sugar.... ani water will soon be poisnous lol!

will do u the mail later.

FFF said...

my dear, pls start something dat u can maintain o. no go because of person, carry load wey u no fit carry reach him destination. eat everything in moderation, daz key!

drinking water is healthier than nutri-c, do just manage to take up a water-drinking habit

LusciousRon said...

I came only for you dear!
Freshly squeezed orange juice is OK. If you drink the ones with concentrate then this applies if not, you are fine.
Potatoes has a lot of calories but I love it so a variation, instaed of frying it, pop it in the oven, its just as crisp without the oil!

Parboil your rice and wash it about 4 times after its been on fire for about 15mins, most of the starch gets washed away. Some carbs remain but not as much.

I love most of wats on your list but I have my variation on kost when I feel guilty about my health!

But if you have to cut back you must do the sacrifice. Goodle some healthy food options that wont taste like dust. Sorry love.

Try some lettuce with tomatoes and tuna, sprinkle a little salt or vinegar if u can stomach the taste. Thats a wholesome salad. All the best!

Omotee! said...

FFF, hey good to have u here. thanks o, am trying to do the best i can jare, i cant eat leaves like goat for a lifetime can i? lol

luscious, where have u been now? scottie pple no dey gree u time again ba? thanx love, i'll try the salad out if i dont puke in the process!

Anonymous said...

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