Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey Pipo!

I know I was to continue my last post but you know how it is, some deadline, bosslady, life generally just kept me away.
Now I cant even remember what I was gonna blog about so this is gonna be some random ish.

I've got cramps again. I am sincerely and truly tired of cramps. Now it has a new thing it does apart from normal tummy ache, back ache and foul mood. Now my legs ache like crazy! I cant even describe the pain, its just painful (yeah, thats why its called pain abi) and annoying.

Some dude has infected my new HP laptop with virus. Its called security guard. I cant do anything with it. The guy was watching some dumb baseball game, forming some akata kinda thing and thereby exposing my computer. To cap it all he was behaving like he knew just how to deal with it. Next time i see him, I shall treat him like virus - guy u r viral!

Oh I've finally registered! I had given up on it cos I just didnt see myself joining any of those hopeless and endless queues. But my Mum and Bubbly were begining to make me feel like I was doing something very evil by not struggling to register. He had gone to his home town to register. So he got his friends, this very nice family to help write my name down which they did as early as 4 am! I had to leave home before 6 to go and monitor my name and then queue. It was so fast and I was done before 9.30am. I was so grateful but when I saw the queues in other places, I wanted to go back and kneel down to say thanks. I really hate queues. In school there was always some back door means for me to avoid queue. I paid for it all in camp when I had to queue for registration. I dont wanna remember those days mehn.
So i have my reg card. The picture is prolly the ugliest I've ever taken in my life tho, lol. I no care jare.

So I was at Salsa yesterday, it was so much fun. There was this funny guy who I had never seen before. He asked me to dance, he is obviously learning cos his steps lacked rythm. Guess what, he actually thot I was learning - it was a laughable scene. U know say pesin na learner/novice, im come begin dey treat u like say na u no sabi. He was actually encouraging me: "yeah, you're doing good, just keep going". Trust me, I kuku no talk. I said "pls try to come down to a learner's level, I am still struggling". Of cos he knew later when I danced with other people, for im mind e for don say "chei, i don jump sha!"

Ok, am going. This pain is frustrating!

Nice week y'all!