Friday, November 25, 2011

Not yet Uhuru....

I cant explain what happened to me since the last time I blogged. Life just kinda went past so fast that its hard to catch up. Life just happened to me and I just didnt seem to find the words to put down.

But tonight I kinda found my voice (or fingers if you prefer).
Sadness and joy seems to have a way of making you come to yourself; you just slow down and see yourself again.

You know when you hurt so bad that you actually feel your heart ache? When the very essence of you seems to be drawing away? Yeah am there.

I'm not a perfectionist but I do try a great deal to figure how things work out for me. I try to have a plan and focus for my life. I also appreciate the fact that life does have a way of happening and messes up your plan.
I try to avoid anything that tampers with my peace, as much as I can. So when against all my plan my peace and joy is threatened, I hurt badly.
Its worse when its that someone you so hope and believe wont hurt you that bad just stabs your heart, twists the blade and isnt bothered a bit.
Sometimes you just need a heart of steel.

So I'm here tonight, crawling back to my safety nest where I can express my hurt, without fear or care. It wont solve my problems but hey, I feel good about letting it out.
Tears feel so comforting right now. I dont even wanna stop them. Feels good right now.

Rambled mindlessly enough for one night......

Soon I'll be on my way to Uhuru.... Will get there.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Am Back

Where do i begin my story?

First am gonna thank my blogger friends who kept in touch in and out of here. For those who left comments on my postless post, lol. For LG who found out if my office was far away from the bomb blast in June, Miss Whitman, Luscious and of cos Chacha who called to say congrats.... u guys are simply wonderful.

Now to my absence: my muse was kidnapped by work and planning. I had so much to talk about and for some reason I just could not get around to do a post and when i finally found the strength, time and my muse, for reasons best known to blogger, it decided it was time for me to learn arabic. Everything was in arabic! I had no idea how to change it but thank God my super intelligent SIL (Sister in Law) helped me out :)

Oh yeah did i mention that i got married last weekend? Yes i did!!! I am now known and to be addressed as Mrs. Bubbly

God has been so wonderful! Details on my next post when i realised who has missed me and is glad to have me back :)

And when i get rid of this fake nails!


Friday, May 20, 2011




Thursday, March 17, 2011

This and That.....

Hey y'all! Been ages it seems.

Been so busy its exhausting. Plus i never knew wedding preparations could be this stressful, o ga!

I was hoping I would still be the normal omotee and everything around me wont be screaming "wedding preparations" but i must have been fooling myself. I was hoping lots of people would gladly make decisions for me (yes, am that clueless) but I answer one question or the other from either my mum or Bubbly's mum. What color do you want for this? what place for that?

Prior to all these prep, I talk to my mum almost everyday and I usually enjoy it, but now, she calls everyday having one info or question or something that I have to attend to. Na wa o!!!!

I have always wondered what an engagement list should contain and wondered what mine would look like. If i list out the things you will laugh ehn, I could not stop laughing myself. 42 tubers of yam, 42 pieces of kola nut, box filled with cloths for the bride, jewelry box, umbrella (this one cracks me up big time), dry fish etc I just laugh! I kept comparing the list to see if my parents were being funny with their own list, turns out mine was way better plus its not my parents decision anyway, its basically our village folks. They even asked for a goat! GOAT!!!! I calmed down when I heard some people ask for cow. Oginni?!?! So far I like the cloths part, Bubbly's mum has a good taste and knows what I like :)

I never knew choosing colours could be this hard. I have been trying to choose colours for our engagement attire, just Bubbly and I. The boy has decided all the colours I know are over used or not fine: blue, purple, wine, red. Please people, this is where y'all come in. ALL SUGGESTIONS on colour schemes are highly needed please! Just help me!

I gladly gave someone the freehand to handle the bridesmaids dresses and all that but she's having problems getting something appropriate because I want "nice, decent, classy and inexpensive". Nice and inexpensive look like they dont belong in the same sentence, its like trying to mix oil and water. I just dont want people spending so much money cos they wanna come for my wedding. She's in UK and i was hoping she would get something nice. I dont have the energy to make trips to lagos to find nice dresses. Neither am I prepared to give anything to any tailor, God forbid!

I am already dreading shopping for my gown. I like to say I like shopping, it just depends on what and when. When I have money and I just come accross stuff I like or might need, its good shopping. But I hate shopping for a particular thing: like looking for a pair of gold sandals to go with my some aso ebi, for some reason all the witches and wizards of my village will make sure i find only tacky and expensive gold sandals at that period. I am hoping they go on break when am ready to shop for my dress. I want something lacy and nice and decent that will at the same time meet the definition of "decent" for my parents church. Sometimes their definition of "decent" amounts to "wear a sack" or "the tackiest dress available".

Something else, suddenly everyone feels qualified and obliged to give us advice on marital issues now. I wonder if anyone of these people ever thought for once that we have had lots of people talk to us before them. Its usually the same advice, just slight variations in words and style. Some people virtually face me and go "You must be very patient and learn to submit...". As in, they just face me alone like the whole thing depends on me. Unfortunately I cant tell them not to bother as I have heard it all or am just plain bored and tired. I have to pretend that am attentive and I am hearing those magic words for the very first time in my life. We have not even started official counselling. I am curious and at the same time wary of what Counselling would entail. Meanwhile, I will answer all the questions honestly and wont be embarrassed by it, if they like, they can keep looking at me with bad eyes till eternity, OYO!

On a random note now:

Its painful to watch TV these days. I am referring to our own local stations. All the presidential and governorship campaign and ads going on now are just so painful to watch. I dont know if its the insincerity oozing out of their mouths or the funny dramas and people they use for the ads.

I especially loathe the one of Goodluck and Sambo playing some sort of soccer and scoring goals. Its just so dumb!!! And some people get paid for that?!?! WTH?! Make that April come and go sef, I don tire.

Gotta go now. I await ur inputs on colours and address and web addresses for anything you come up with please. Thank ya!

Great day y'all!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So the News is......

I'm engaged. Yep!

No he didnt formally ask me to marry him.
He didnt give me any ring sef.

On Sunday 6th of March, we had our introduction. For Yorubas at least am sure we all do it, not sure its compulsory in other tribes.
Introductions are meant to be a quiet family affair but trust us yorubas, we do things in big big ways, hehehehe!
So Bubbly and his family came to beg (operating word being "Beg) for my hand in marriage seeing that am the best thing that happened to Bubbly :)
He did the whole dobale thing. They've been claiming they are royalty and the dont kneel or prostrate but they humbled themselves and knelt and prostrated! lol.

Then they came to get me, the whole fun fare, dancing and spraying. Of cos i loved the spraying part :)

The pictures turned out nicely, everyone looked happy. Ate good food and prayed and departed. It didnt take long, no unnecessary talks.

In all I give all glory to God for a beautiful introduction. The date is set and we shall begin the count-down together. Pls join me in prayers and ideas etc
I've been planning the wedding for a while now but I believe a lot is done with cash, see why una need to scabash for me ba? lol.

I've decided to buy a wedding dress eventually, no more renting. Am so certain am gonna leave it in my parents house after the whole ceremony.
I know am gonna make a trip to lag at least once. Abuja people are a bit limited and too expensive!!! haba! So here's where I need ur help. All the pictures and website addresses etc you can send, need them!

I've missed blogsville and its good to be back!

Tank u, tank u, tank u!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey Pipo!

I know I was to continue my last post but you know how it is, some deadline, bosslady, life generally just kept me away.
Now I cant even remember what I was gonna blog about so this is gonna be some random ish.

I've got cramps again. I am sincerely and truly tired of cramps. Now it has a new thing it does apart from normal tummy ache, back ache and foul mood. Now my legs ache like crazy! I cant even describe the pain, its just painful (yeah, thats why its called pain abi) and annoying.

Some dude has infected my new HP laptop with virus. Its called security guard. I cant do anything with it. The guy was watching some dumb baseball game, forming some akata kinda thing and thereby exposing my computer. To cap it all he was behaving like he knew just how to deal with it. Next time i see him, I shall treat him like virus - guy u r viral!

Oh I've finally registered! I had given up on it cos I just didnt see myself joining any of those hopeless and endless queues. But my Mum and Bubbly were begining to make me feel like I was doing something very evil by not struggling to register. He had gone to his home town to register. So he got his friends, this very nice family to help write my name down which they did as early as 4 am! I had to leave home before 6 to go and monitor my name and then queue. It was so fast and I was done before 9.30am. I was so grateful but when I saw the queues in other places, I wanted to go back and kneel down to say thanks. I really hate queues. In school there was always some back door means for me to avoid queue. I paid for it all in camp when I had to queue for registration. I dont wanna remember those days mehn.
So i have my reg card. The picture is prolly the ugliest I've ever taken in my life tho, lol. I no care jare.

So I was at Salsa yesterday, it was so much fun. There was this funny guy who I had never seen before. He asked me to dance, he is obviously learning cos his steps lacked rythm. Guess what, he actually thot I was learning - it was a laughable scene. U know say pesin na learner/novice, im come begin dey treat u like say na u no sabi. He was actually encouraging me: "yeah, you're doing good, just keep going". Trust me, I kuku no talk. I said "pls try to come down to a learner's level, I am still struggling". Of cos he knew later when I danced with other people, for im mind e for don say "chei, i don jump sha!"

Ok, am going. This pain is frustrating!

Nice week y'all!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Didnt find a title...

Hey people, now let me say it properly: Happy New Year!
May this be a very good year for us, with lots and lots of wonderful things installed for us IJN!

I have missed my internet family like crazy!
So much to talk about...

First, the reason for my seeming disappearance. The year started on a busy note. Bosslady as usual made sure there were lots of things to come back to, so i kinda got very busy first week. I told myself I wasnt gonna read blogs until I had done some work, its not a resolution, i dont do resolutions cos it just fails.
So i have been working and faffing around somewhat.

You had to see me when i got home (I travelled home for Xmas), i was grinning like an idiot and ransacked every room to see whats new and stealable. God it was good to see my mum and everyone else, but especially my Mum! We both couldnt stop smiling. I got nice treatments for the first 3 days, after that, it was just pretty normal.

Christmas day wasnt bad. Not bad at all. Somehow, Xmas isnt as fun as it used to be when we were kids. Then u could drink as many bottles of fanta as ur tummy could take without anyone questioning you and show off your new dress and shoes and that was fun. Now, I just wanna chill.
Somehow and thankfully too, all my friends were home for Xmas and we did the usual hanging out and discussing the political status of our dear country. Its more fun as we are all lawyers. We all talk like we talk to GEJ and everyone of importance one on one. Its nice.
And my darling friend is preggers! She looked cute!

So Church on Xmas day wasnt so much fun: EVERYONE is married. well, at least, most of my peers. So we do this welcome thing where u leave your seat to greet people. I could swear that all the women that greeted me were either saying (in their minds of course) that:
"Hmm, this girl is still not married. Such a nice girl. Eeh yah..."
"Hmm, this one still never marry, how she go marry, Abuja money don enter her eye, see the way she is dressed sef..."
Dont ask me how i know, I just know. Omo, na dem sabi jare.

I missed Bubbly like crazy. It was mad! I was away for just 10 days and it felt like one month.
I returned to Abuja on the 30th. Couldnt bear it anymore, lol.
We kinda caused a scene at the airport. It was so so emotional! Hmm, love o love!

Meanwhile, my trip back was not funny. Az in, not funny mehn!
Na road I dey take waka from Abuja home o. Until this time, I decided to come back by air to avoid that Lokoja road, its always crazy.
So i entered this plane/kombi bus. It was so small and noisy and I sat near the propellers No be say I no dey fly o but I have never been in one so small and with propellers! I kept praying and speaking in tongues and still imagining what would happen if the propellers just stop. I said "No God, pls, dont let me die like this, I still wanna marry Bubbly!".

The guy beside me kept gisting with me to take my mind off it. I asked him what would happen if the propellers stopped working and he said there is some plan B they usually have. I asked him if he was sure, he smiled and said no. I wanted to kill him. It was so funny when we landed cos I forgot in a moment when I saw Bubbly.

Will continue this tommorow.... Gotta go see my tailor.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just to say happy new year to you all.
I have really missed my blogville folks.

Will do a real post soonest.

Have a great week!