Thursday, February 4, 2010

Benefits of Adultery

During my internship days before law school, i met this lawyer, very brilliant, hard working and all the works. He works in a very popular and prestigious law firm and was the head of chambers. He took us tutorials during law school days. This short background is to let you know how much i respect and rever this "Oga".

Sometime 2008/09, i had this feeling Oga was behaving funny, i couldnt really describe it but i knew. He had always been nice to me, now he was nicer, wanting to touch my cheeks etc.
I kept hoping i was wrong but i couldnt be bothered, i dont see him that often and whenever i see him, i do the very-respectful-yoruba-girl thingi; kneel, say "Sir" every minute etc.

So yesterday Oga found the courage to tell me his mind. That he knew why i was being overly respectful so that he wont be able to say his mind and that i was running away "you know i like you now and you are a matured lady, kilonse e now?" what is wrong with you now?
In my mind i went "Shuo?!?!"

Oga launched into toasting sorry, friendship proposal. Started telling me how the friendship will be beneficial, wont cause any problems btw me and my boyfriend cos he wont know and he wont be coming to my house or sending text messages, how nobody will know, how he will be able to take good care of me. It will be a matured thing, we wont meet in common places, he has a discreet hotel, we wont be sending messages, its not a big deal. we will just be meeting once in a while (i guess meeting connotes sex) and nobody will know. He wont get me pregnant cos he has no plans of marrying me, its just friendship and when i want to get married he will play his part well (give me money and attend), its just benefits all the way!

"Oga, am a xtian, i dont do all these things, its wrong."

"Ehn, am i not a xtian too? there's nothing wrong with it, it just requires understanding and maturity".

He went on to tell me that several girlfriends of his had the same objection in the past just like me but they got over it and enjoyed the friendship eventually.

Shuo my people, see me see issue o! If i didnt know better, i wouldnt have thought we were talking about adultery again! I almost clapped at him for the beautiful presentation. I told u, he's a good lawyer, lol.

Anyway, to get him off my back, i told him i'll call him and we'll talk later. I left the place adequately dazed. Not bcos he was toasting me, men hardly shock me, but the way and manner in which he painted it, you could have thought we were discussing about the advantages of buying a duplex over a bungalow and not adultery.

Am not trying to be Mother Theressa here but really and truly, what could the advantages be that will make someone decide to be 2nd fiddle? pay my rent, buy me a car (very unlikely sef), dash me plenty money. I'll be busy with the "friendship" and let all the marriable young mans pass by and then i'll probably wake up one day and see that i've been stupid?
Hell No! tufiakwa!
to what end na?

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Rita said... can't imagine how happy I am for you, that you have a good head on your shoulders.

There is NO benefit in adultery. 99% of men like that really have nothing to offer. And as for the house, car, money thing, if a woman waits just a little while, she will get more than what the man can offer materially.

Just to share with you my experience here

Anonymous said... interesting analogy for adultery. Hmmm, eventually 'tis goes around board; no 'wrong' we do just happens. An analytical dialogue has already taken place in our minds eye.

leggy said... wa oh
there is no benefit to adultery oh.
lying and all these stuff eventually catches up to you.
there is nothing hidden under the sun...people will def get to know.
plus its just morally right but i guess you already knew that.

Andrea said...

Rita said it all

Mamuje said...
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Mamuje said...

Good job and well done for not succumbing to his antics. Whatever it is.Some girls just give everyone a bad name.

Geebee said...

Adultery is wrong, as in W-R-O-N-G! The benefits are ephemeral at best and the ills come out sooner than later. . . Now, that guy of yours is one funny man. Imagine using such lines with you. I'd have thought you'll slap the taste out of his mouth. lol.

RocNaija said...

Lol @ the label.. 'Uncle agbaya'

Myne Whitman said...

I guess it's all this Nigerian respect for elders thingy. Some of these people need someone to shame them into silence. I hope you do tell him plainly what is wrong with his indecent proposal. Lawyer indeed.

Miss FlyHigh said...

Well I'm happy you done the right thing.


Omotee! said...

rita, my head is swelling, lol, thanks m'am.
u r right on point, these things will always come, pple just forget in the face of difficulties.

rethots, hey u. right on point.

leggy, as in, na real wa!

andrea, yes she did.

mamuje, thanx for stopping by.

Omotee! said...

geebee, the thots of slapping him did come to my mind, lol. there are no benefits at all.

the roc! good to have ur scarce self here again. Uncle Agbaya o!

myne, i did o, at least he knew i meant it, he just thot he could try harder.

missflyhigh, long time! yeah, hi 5 at ya!

BuBu said...

Lol! Oga lawyer, did he really believe you were going to call him. Some adult men are just annoying.

adultery should never be allowed, what goes around always comes around

Enkay said...

The annoying thing is that the oga tried to make light of the whole thing.

Shuo! Abi him think say dem born you yesterday?

Sin is Sin. Period.

Omotee! said...

bubu- abi o! men like this will beat their wives if they try cheat on them, yeye man.

enkay - trust me, he did not think he was doing anything wrong, i tell u!

Mamuje said...

Omotee as for the shoe and the table knife....hmmm, you really dont want to know the story my sister. Lets say it took about 20 minutes and a frustrated neice you kept helping me hold my leg, while I dug the table knife into the base of the shoe. lol.

Nice of you to stop by.

Omotee! said...

mamuje, u welcome.
u so funny.
so are u going to gimmie some shoes???

Sugarking said...

Its funny how some men proposition a woman for sex you know? its like saying to them "We both know ur stupid, and what I'm proposing to u is stupid, but if u take this money, u won't appear very stupid, just have sex with me" and the stupid ones go "em.....well, ok" Babes, I don't nee anyone to tell me ur smart. Just do the right thing ok? Na thunder go fire the guy! Mchewww!

Repressed One said...

See as easily as he put the whole thing is as easily as some other babe will jump on it. Men do this shit cos there are women who will take it and agree to it. I bet the fool will tell you you are the one missing out...Very annoying old men...awon ayiri!! mschewww

Omotee! said...

my sugar king, hmm, thanx, my head is swelling, yes, amadioha fire his behind!

repressed one, of cos he pointed out how i am going to miss out on all the "good" things i'd benefit. shio, ayiri naa ni, lol!

FFF said...

4 d dude mind eh, he's laying it bare on the table so i u mumu to accept the terms, no come talk tomorrow dat u tot u tot.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

well I would like to shag you as well call me to set up an appointment Kev AKA

Anonymous said...

I have fucked my sister Rourou, that is not adultery cos she likes my small dick, she says that she is still a virgin becos my dick is so small it hasn't broken her hymen.

Anonymous said...

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