Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Xmas is a state of the mind

Heard Christmas is a state of the mind, not just the season. Funny but quite true.

This time last year, i wasnt so excited about Xmas. MF messed up with my life, i was broke, sad, irritated and a whole lot of other issues. Xmas just wasnt so exciting for me, i knew in spite of my hopes and prayers that it wasnt going to be such a wonderful Xmas. Lots of friends and plenty food didnt even do the trick. 2008 wasnt my best year.

But this time, its different. I can smell a good Xmas already. I am expectant, i am already joyous. so i guess its true, Xmas is a state of the mind.

This year has been a good one, lots of wonderful things to celebrate and be happy about. I really thank God for that. A new job that came unexpectedly, lots of other wonderful surprises. God has indeed been good to me. Oh, and He brought Bubbly my way! Thats something else to be really happy about.

I guess am this way cos God has been really good and more importantly, I have chosen to ignore all the things that went wrong this year, the dissappointments, the sad news, generally - i have chosen to see the glass as half full not half empty.

Something else am really happy about, the reinstatement order of the Unilorin 44 made by the Supreme Court last friday. This is the best news. These guys have been sacked and been battling it for about 8 - 9 years now. My father is one of the Professors that were sacked. Am glad that eventually, the course they fought for was not wasted and now God has justified them. Justice delayed is not justice denied. In spite of it all, God has kept us all through the years.

In all, its been good and am really thankful.

Its good to be back guys. May this be a wonderful xmas for you. May Santa bring u all the goodies ur heart desires.

speaking of which, what are u hoping Santa will drop in the sock for u?

i have a looooooooong list............. still compiling!