Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Bubbly

I'm still in that mood.
I call this mood Bubbly.

I call him Bubbly.

Bubbly keeps making my heart..........bubbly!
He makes me happy.
I get those butterflies everytime I see him.
I have no control over my smiles whenever he shows up.
Every morning am expectant, cos i know Bubbly is going to send me a lovely message.
And then before i sleep, right after i see him off, i get another message,
telling me just how special i am.

Bubbly's blowing bubbles all over my life. I am so goddamned happy.
Right now i reside in paradise villa.
Reality is gradually knocking at my door,
reminding me we gotta head back to earth,
I am ignoring the knock,
just for a little while more.........

Right now i just wanna be bubbly!!!!


was going to upload Colbie Caillat's video of Bubbly, but the network is messing up right now. i am hearting the song right now. It helps me explain my mood.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Feeling............... Love or something like it!

You know that feeling when there's peace and happiness all around you,
thats how i feel right now.
I am still quarter to homeless, landlady decided to sell the house without telling us, new owners are to move in end of this month,
All the apartments i find are always above my means or just plain hideous,
I am still very broke, lots of bills yet to be paid,
The workload on my table seems to pile up everytime i clear it out................
List is endless

But within all these,
There's that someone,
very special somebody,
His sole purpose of existence seems to be just one: to make me very happy!
This assignment, he carries out with perfection.
I am easily the happiest woman on earth,
past 2 weeks of my life has been............wonderful!

So, i am going to enjoy the moment.
Will not think of the unpleasant parts,
and just savour this moment, this feeling.............

Guess its love, or something close to it.

Whatever it is, I am loving it!

details later