Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hey Pipo, happy new month! i have missed u all. i never knew something could take me away from blogging for so long. ntywayzquickly before something takes me away again, i just have to tell u about this toilet issue thingi o! here goes:

in our complex, every office has got its own key to the toilet, a particular office has misplaced theirs, plus extra, so everyone wonders how they sort out their toilet issues, but no be our bizz until we started noticing about 3 or 4 wks ago, theres always pee diluted with lots of water on the floor of the toilet, everyone has to match it before entering their domain. so who can be doing this kind of horrible and highly disgusting stuff? everyone looks so creme, like they dont do No. 2, u know.

so our secretary said she saw a girl from the next office rush out of the toilet one day and later, she discovered pee and water on the floor again. we didnt catch her per se, so we were watching out.

Note: this chic is a creme chic, i mean, VERY CREME CHIC! she's got an officer boyfriend, one equally cute airforce officer boy o! this girl is so fine and gentle so i really was hoping it wasnt her.

so, yesterday, i saw this girl just stepping out of the loo, and i asked "xcuse me, u got ur key with u?" she said "no, i just went to adjust my dress". i was thinking "u, God don catch u today". so, we entered and saw fresh pee again, diluted with water and flowing all over the place, thats how i lost it and snapped! i sha tried not to embarrass her, i calmed her. so we 3 ladies called her and said she should get our toilet key when she needs to do her bizz. guess what my chic said "yes we dont have the key, but i always use the male toilet". why on earth would she come up with that kind of dumb stupid lie?!?!

why on earth would a lady, grown assed woman, do that kind of thing?!

i tell u, she's been on it for not less than 3 wks! which reminds me, we once saw some kind of "dysentry shit" on the floor! yes, on the clean, tiled toilet floor! now u ask me, who done it?!

whenever i see her, i remember 2 things: pee and shit!!!

MF is back (LG, Rayo and Lusciousron, i can hear u say "stupid girl")
what he is back for and what i intend to do, i have no idea.
details later on the next post.