Thursday, January 27, 2011

Didnt find a title...

Hey people, now let me say it properly: Happy New Year!
May this be a very good year for us, with lots and lots of wonderful things installed for us IJN!

I have missed my internet family like crazy!
So much to talk about...

First, the reason for my seeming disappearance. The year started on a busy note. Bosslady as usual made sure there were lots of things to come back to, so i kinda got very busy first week. I told myself I wasnt gonna read blogs until I had done some work, its not a resolution, i dont do resolutions cos it just fails.
So i have been working and faffing around somewhat.

You had to see me when i got home (I travelled home for Xmas), i was grinning like an idiot and ransacked every room to see whats new and stealable. God it was good to see my mum and everyone else, but especially my Mum! We both couldnt stop smiling. I got nice treatments for the first 3 days, after that, it was just pretty normal.

Christmas day wasnt bad. Not bad at all. Somehow, Xmas isnt as fun as it used to be when we were kids. Then u could drink as many bottles of fanta as ur tummy could take without anyone questioning you and show off your new dress and shoes and that was fun. Now, I just wanna chill.
Somehow and thankfully too, all my friends were home for Xmas and we did the usual hanging out and discussing the political status of our dear country. Its more fun as we are all lawyers. We all talk like we talk to GEJ and everyone of importance one on one. Its nice.
And my darling friend is preggers! She looked cute!

So Church on Xmas day wasnt so much fun: EVERYONE is married. well, at least, most of my peers. So we do this welcome thing where u leave your seat to greet people. I could swear that all the women that greeted me were either saying (in their minds of course) that:
"Hmm, this girl is still not married. Such a nice girl. Eeh yah..."
"Hmm, this one still never marry, how she go marry, Abuja money don enter her eye, see the way she is dressed sef..."
Dont ask me how i know, I just know. Omo, na dem sabi jare.

I missed Bubbly like crazy. It was mad! I was away for just 10 days and it felt like one month.
I returned to Abuja on the 30th. Couldnt bear it anymore, lol.
We kinda caused a scene at the airport. It was so so emotional! Hmm, love o love!

Meanwhile, my trip back was not funny. Az in, not funny mehn!
Na road I dey take waka from Abuja home o. Until this time, I decided to come back by air to avoid that Lokoja road, its always crazy.
So i entered this plane/kombi bus. It was so small and noisy and I sat near the propellers No be say I no dey fly o but I have never been in one so small and with propellers! I kept praying and speaking in tongues and still imagining what would happen if the propellers just stop. I said "No God, pls, dont let me die like this, I still wanna marry Bubbly!".

The guy beside me kept gisting with me to take my mind off it. I asked him what would happen if the propellers stopped working and he said there is some plan B they usually have. I asked him if he was sure, he smiled and said no. I wanted to kill him. It was so funny when we landed cos I forgot in a moment when I saw Bubbly.

Will continue this tommorow.... Gotta go see my tailor.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy New Year!

Just to say happy new year to you all.
I have really missed my blogville folks.

Will do a real post soonest.

Have a great week!