Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspirational Quotes to crack you up!

1. Dont drink and drive,
you may hit a bump and spill your drink.

this is just crazy, could not stop laughing when i saw it. u can die but not spill ur drink!

2. He calls me bitch like its a bad thing.

really, i've stopped feeling bad about anybody calling me 'ashawo', before nko? whoever wants to insult me should be innovative (and recieve an innovative bitch slapping)

3. Never under-estimate the power of foolish people in a large crowd.

right on point!

4. Ever since i stopped drinking, i have been thirsty.

mscheww, continue now....shayo master!

5. Well mannered women never made it in history.

mother theresa, joan of arc etc, they must have been kinda bad right? we just didnt know

6. Chocolate, Coffee, Men: some things are just best rich!

i loooooooove this, its on my fridge, and its so on point!

Ok, i am not as jobless as i act or look, i have simply refused to do my work at this moment, court rose some minutes ago. Oga has put us under tremendous pressure since last week so i have decided not to kill myself o jare.
I love those quotes, wish i could be very daring to put them stickers on my car when i finally have one but i know already that i cannot do it.

So whats the craziest sticker on ur car, door, anything? how daring and crazy are u?


Nutty J. said...


These are simply hillarious...imma borrow one for my F.B status...

cant stop laughing.

2cute4u said...

Love love, hope you good? Craziest? naaaa I'm afraid I'm not that daring oh.. I dey craze?

SHE said...


I'm thinking of where to display number 6 already!

Once saw a T-shirt that said, "Will sell boyfriend for chocolate".

Sugarking said...

that number 5 make sense die. Once in a while women have to run things to get things running jare. lol

Myne Whitman said...

No 6 is my fav, rich indeed, lol thats just me.

Anonymous said... likey the quotes...i beg no let WORK kill u jare becox the work would still be there after somebody don go o!

Helene said...

Personally, I love the one about coffee and men!!!!

Omotee! said...

@nutty J: borrow away men!

@chacha: i dey men. maybe we shd do crazier things u know, just take the lead, i'll follow

@she: ok, am gonna beg u to give me that t-shirt (bubbly will kill me), lol. thats crazy. lets have 6 on t-shirts, creative!

my sugar sugar: now why am i not shocked u love 5, lol. thats my man!

miss whitman, there's that other side of u that i dont know yet o, hmm.....

nittygritty: abi o my sis, my boss is trying to frustrate my life, God dey sha, God no go gree am!

helene: dont we all!

sosexy said...

See new lyrics!
I'm dubbing A.S.A.P!

BiMbyLaDs** said...

Lol.. like these. Best quote: Relax, GOD ON CONTROL.. on a delapitated car.

Tisha said...

"Well mannered women never made it in history"

lol, you are good. I may not have had an answer for them but i still would have refused to stop being well mannered.

rayo said...


BSNC said...

hahaha i love the third one. In your words right on point.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Can't stop laughing at. No 6 is my fav

NakedSha said...

hehe, nice!

histreasure said...

So funny...i laffed out loud and i'm in the office o..can't stop laffing!

@ no 2 -every woman na ashawo nah? dat one no be curse again

how's ur day going?