Thursday, November 18, 2010

Abacha Barracks, 100th Post...

silly silly silly image uploader, it did everything the wrong way!!!
I will explain in the post....

Ok peeps, wats good? wats really really good? How was Sallah? Please those of you wey suppose "post" us sallah ram make una no forget or else i will come knocking on your pages one by one.

Was a nice break, save for the cold/flu I had, I dont know how i managed to catch a cold again, its so annoying. Was sleeping and dozing and all the effects of cold and actifed just set in. Arrgghhh!!!!

In spite of the cold, tuesday evening was fun. Bubbly and I went out with this lovely family, young couple with their baby. They took us to Abacha barracks for some lovely roasted fish and chips.
That brings me to the pictures. The first is the AFTER while the second and third are actually the BEFORE states of the delicacy. It was WONDERFUL! Fish with pepper and onion sauce, potato chips and lime to taste, hmmm!!!!!
If you live in Abuja and havent been to Abacha barracks, you never chop life for Abuja o, lol.
They are well versed in the art of roasting fish in that place. Maybe I will go learn and get my own space. We shall name it Omotee's spot and you shall all patronize me ......hmm, nice idea
Managed to eat 2 pieces of fried ram yesterday, the cold is really dealing with me. I just hope my colleague wont catch it now, I've been sneezing and blowing on everything in sight today.
Just to share the Abacha Barracks experience with ya. Let me know when you're in town so we can enjoy some fish (yeah, we know who''s paying right?!) lol.
And oh!
If i am correct, this should be my 98th post and will make sure next week God's willing I reach my 100th post!
Its something to celebrate I guess, most people do. I am ignoring (and enjoin you also to ignore) the fact that I should have reached my 100th a long time ago. I stumbled on someone who has about 1900 or so posts and i was adequately dazed - 1000 posts!!!!!
I'm hoping it will be fun. So considering the fact that I have absolutely nothing to blog about in my 100th, except I get some sort of epiphany (imagine, I know someone whose name is Epiphany!) am going to do what most people seem to do - I will answer ANY and EVERY question you guys ask me. Ask me anything and I will answer.
While not refusing to answer any question, I reserve the right to answer the questions the way I want to, in other words, I am not confined into a YES OR NO format and for the purpose of that post, everything I say is true. At least, truth by Omotee's definition.
Tanks so ..... let the questions begin from your comments on this post!
I am excited already!!
I shall upload a picture of me. Yes I shall.


2cute4u said...

You sure did have fun my dear..
I was dead ill myself but I managed to have fun sha..
But shebi you no say na you go pay for the fish and all na?
I'm supposed to be the guest please!
Sorry you have flu, you'd be fine....
Wait a minute....
I just noticed I have flu too, OMG!

Lara said...

sorry about the flu...looks like you had fun despite the flu.
About the omotee spot, would it be free for bloggers as we will help do free

Myne Whitman said...

That Abacha Barracks fish is calling my name! I have eaten it before but I didn't know they were still there, oh wow! Ehen keep money for treating me to that your spot o, lol...


1. When did you start blogging and why?

2. hehehe...when is the wedding? :)

LG said...

question: shebi u ll give me free ashebi????

RepOne said...

Eh ya, pele o. Hope you feel better soonest!!

Someone named their child Epiphany?? LOL!! I'd love to hear the reasoning behind that.

Questions...i can't think of any sha

-Have you and bubbly set a date? Is it going to be in Abuja?
-Why did you choose the Law profession?
...i'll be back if i think of more

Wise Sage said...

Seems like the flu was just a sallah present cos i had it too but unlike y'all i didn't have fun...oh wait...yeah i did! :P Well it was late at night, Sheraton hotel, Formal awards, buffet dinner. You bet i had fun :D
Sorry bout the flu to you Omotee, and you too 2cute, i know exactly how you gals felt.
I miss Abj and Abacha barracks...:( and i agree with Lara oh.
Question: Are you a virgin? (hope i am not crossing the line here but you did say 'any' question{wink wink})

Anonymous said...

Ha! somebody is having fun o..about the ram meat...haba! you no quick come o...but few pieces remain inside my stew sha...since you know am a nice pesin [tongue in cheek], i go give u some...heeheee.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Kai, how can u be wetting our appetite from yonder? Sorry 'bout the cold u'll get over it before u even realise.

Q1: Is there anything u have decided to hold back from Bubbly... something u consider ur lil secret?

Q2: if yes, what is it? why are u holding back?

Q3: what's the craziest thing u two have done, together?

Anoda Phase said...

fish looks delish...I want.

sorry about the flu...get some rest too...

Blessing said...

OMG....I want some fish now....mmmmmmmmmmm

feel better!!!!

LG said...

@PET PROJECT, lol dis ur question be one kind o esp #3, oya Omotee ova to ya :)

seye said...

I knew I shouldn't have come on this site. Now I have to go look for food

ABIGAIL NY said...

That's yum yum! Me so hungry for fish&

Anonymous said...

Are you a virgin??

You should be, but I can cure that.. call me Kev

I can give Rourou as a reference as to how good I am.

Anonymous said...

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