Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And we couldn't wait to grow up

After what seemed like an endless maternity leave, I've resumed work today. I'm actually glad to be back tho, like sincerely, I missed work. Now let me define that, I missed getting dressed for work, seeing people, looking like a lawyer going places, working when I actually want to etc. but I certainly did not miss having plenty work, closing late, deadlines, etc. in fact, after this my mat leave, I think the kind of work am cut out for is to go everyday, close when I want and get salary increase like monthly. Why isn't life like that sef? And we couldn't wait to grow up.

Life indeed Iain stages. At some point, I just wanted to be an undergrad, mean, the independence, I wanted to be an adult so bad!
And then I couldn't just wait to be a graduate and be rid of those mean lecturers, endlessly long queues for everything. You queue to fetch water, to pay school fees, at the bus stop, everything. Very annoying.

And then I just wanted to write the almighty bar finals and be free. Everything in life sorta took the backstage just for bar finals. 
Let's do and serve. Let's serve and just land a job. Then afterwards the biggest:

God, pls just let me get a husband! I don't know about y'all but I thot I'd be married by 26 or 27, I mean, just how hard can it be to land a dashing, hardworking and comfortable xtian guy from a nice family? It sure can't be that hard. But of course, my radar only came on for the wrongest dudes then. Lemme just get past this hurdle abeg. Ha.

Then I just can't wait to have a baby, ojo nlo nah Abi. Lemme just do and finish with this aspect of my life and ove onto other projects. Give my career and other stuff all the attention they need. 

And the list goes on and on and on. 

All these plenty talk is to remind myself something: life is in stages and eventually what seems like the hugest challenge or problem or milestone at the moment will eventually come to pass and be sorted, one way or the other at least. It may not look like the picture one imagined tho, I mean, I still don't have all those shoes yet, and that house and that car I saw in my dream, but hey. Even dreams change along the line, oh how I wanted a Honda baby boy so badly! But now? U can imagine the car I like now. 
Anyways, these things eventually come and automatically, the next challenge is on queue, ready to occupy your whole being.

What happened to those care free days when we didn't have to bother about nothing?