Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick one guys:

Asides Obudu Cattle Ranch, where else can u have a nice vacation in Nigeria? Or a nice tourist spot?

Need u on this guys.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The EX files

I sort of absconded for a while, the usual excuse of work, life etc am tired of repeating the excuses. I'm sure i have missed a lot. There was so much to write but somehow, i just could not. My muse went on strike i guess, lol.
Guess y'all been good? Chacha, thanks so much for asking after me, was so kind of you.

Lately due to some happenings and gists, there's been this thing on my mind and i'd like you all to give me your opinions on it. Its an over flogged issue i know but i still want to know what the general concensus is.

Its the case of the EX.

Is it permissible/right/ok to still be friends with an Ex?

When should your boyfriend's/girlfriend's/husband's/wife's friendship with an EX begin to bother you or when should you raise an alarm?

Where do we draw the line (if you believe friendship with an Ex is ok) or express concern when the Ex begins to feature a lot in the picture? Is it just silly jealousy or an actual issue.

long ass comments are welcome.

have a wonderful July