Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ogogoro for Cure

Hi Pipo!
Been ages o and i have missed y'all!
Internet is bad again, thats like my newest cliche but i still try to find a way to see whats happening to my fave pips, meanwhile, i got just a few mins.

I had this nasty and nagging menstrual cramps that started monday evening, my friend now told me "Ogogoro" i.e hot drink (like rum, like spirit, like sepe, etc) cures it. when the pain was too much for me, na im bobo (details later, newest MF in my life) follow me go supermarket to buy "Chelsea".
Not to long things, i drank like a quarter of the bottle o (the small bottle sha) and slept off! it worked like magic! unfortunately, the pain continued on monday, as if to say : "oya, drink ogogoro go court make i see u"!

Ntywayz, i am fine now, safe for back pain. went to lokoja yesterday for my matter which translates to pure agony. but am back, thank God. hopefully, i get a good massage tonite (LG and Rayo, na u know, its just massage).

stupid taxi man stole my old, ragged but faithful fone on monday plus my wallet! d tin jeopardise me no be small! i mean, the fone is really bad, cant even steal it! God dey sha, abi?

guys, gotta go now, real update 2mrw!

Rayo, read ur latest post, couldnt post a comment, sorry, will do that mrw.

Monday, October 13, 2008

E gba mi fa!

The thing wey single girl eye go see, no be small thing o!

I recently met this "Uncle" who works next to my office. Someone franctically called me like it was a life or death matter and i looked up to see this short elderly man, so out of respect, didnt know what he was going to say, i went to meet him, na im tory start o!

He started telling me of how he has been seeing me for a long time and he had really liked me and been praying one day he meets me formally. Where im dey see me? For Mama calabar spot (a canopy covered spot where office folks eat just behind my office). he said he always sees me and my colleague come eat there often. why im no come meet me since that time? He didnt want to be rude etc, etc (he no even say make e try pay for my meal once, shio!)

Why wont he like me, afterall, i get big front and back, u had to see his eyes roming and roving thru his glasses, oniranu!

So he introduced himself, took my number (i still dont know why i did that) and na im we begin love;

This Uncle makes me laff ehn! He said he spent all of his life in lagos and so he considers himself to still be one Omo Boy, young boy. He plays all the latest music in town and uses slangs so i can know that He calls me baby.

Now theres a difference btw Baby and Baby. For those of us who had a bit of razz with butter while growing up, u will remember how they call dolls "baby". Thats exactly how he calls me o!

The Uncle is short and probably thinks of himself as one very correct bobo, the man can pose!

Ntywayz, he has been calling me o, offering to drop me everywhere, i should feel free to call him so we can hang out etc, etc.

Abeg, where i for follow am go biko?

Only recently, he came up with the idea of him being in love and that he is afraid that i will break his heart one day etc, etc. love ke?! see this big mumu o!

When girl sit down jeje that she no dey do married men, see the kind issues wey dey confront them. theres even nothing to milk dry in this short Uncle o!

I have plans for him sha, by the time i carry 3 of my friends follow am go Biobak and we take half of his life savings chop fresh fish and snail, and go to Ceddi plaza to buy make up and watch moveis, he will automatically delete my number, agbaya oshi!

i will still leave him around for a week, he dash me 5k last friday, no be bad thing now, abi?

which brings me to ask: Why on earth do married men cheat?! (Jamb question abi?) The things these agbayas are ready to do for small small girls, their wives will have to practically seek the face of God, fast and then prepare their best dish just to ask for whatever! While these same men are mere toys to some other girls, u flash them and they are ready to come from Gwagwalada to Wuse! O ga o!

I know this is a popular topic and we it in the office recently and my colleague said she doesnt wanna know if her husband cheats, as long as she doesnt know about it and he hasnt stopped doing his responsibilities, she doesnt mind. this is what most women think, what u dont know wont hurt u etc, etc.

i havent been able to accept this fact o, its just so unnacceptable! what do y'all think?

Onto Private Matters:

Mr. Nice.


Back again with full force!

I think am done with anyone trying to make me feel guilty. Nice is such a wonderful and nice and caring and all those things guy. I just happen not to like him, ok, thats not totally true, i can barely stand the guy (see older post on Jacob and Esau).

recently i started feeling weird like: am i doing the right thing? should i just manage? he is a good guy ready to be everything for me etc but i dont have to try to like someone am dating, like should be the first thing!

He still came over last nite, we went over the WHOLE saga again (he just called now, he is coming to see me, again!).

happily, i discovered something last nite, i have always known he is much older than me but yesterday, i discovered that he is SO older than me, in fact, not within my age bracket AT ALL! so i can gladly turn him down even in my mind and not feel guilty about it. abi now?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No title.

went home this weekend for dear friend's wedding, was nice being away from work and reality for a while. na serious owambe, just the way i like it, unfortunately, no fine boys, just some boda agbayas wey don retire and wan spoil small girl like me.
ntywayz, dressed up, partied, serious partying on friday and saturday and had the most stressful journey to and fro but its ok, twas fun. u had to see my gele!
so happy for my friend, nice girl, good guy and they looked so sweeeet! awwwww, weddings make me mushy mushy!

snap! am back to reality.

work is shittingly annoying now, big boss has 2 things to do in the office now: write his briefs and pick on me endlessly and right now, i am soooooooo not bothered. i do not intend to kill myself. work issues will be another post entirely.

mr. Nice refused to pick my calls! that is sooooo funny! i tried to be nice and ask after the guy and then when he finally picked up (i used someone elses fone o), he said it was deliberate. ah, e gbami, see me trying to be matured and nice?! and then he called later to talk about how painfull it is that i dont reciprocate his feelings, he is trying to forget me so he doesnt do anything crazy, that am begining to drive him crazy, ......... blah, blah,blah.
so, i apologised for interupting the process of 'forgetting me'. i was almost feeling sorry for the poor dude but hey, what about me?! i need time! i need to be sure of what am doing! i cant do things based on pity and whatever, i must have a reason. i wont let anyone put me in the guilt mood jo. relationships entail 2 people and so i cant just enter into it bcos he feels sure. if the feeling is not giz giz, at least there must be some liking to go on and i do not feel it right now, and i dont want to apologise for it. period!

oh, MF called on saturday and asked if i was home so he could come see me. i was so glad to tell him i was out of town but that i will call him when i get back. so i did and then he called to say he and his gang were coming to see me, just like old times. back in the days when we had the 'thing' going, he brings his friends to pacify me sort of when he thinks he has offended me and then we just make up.
this time was different: we are over! i did not gist with him or fight with him or try to talk about anything. he is just another bloody person.
he asked why i didnt tell him i was traveling, he might have wanted to attend the wedding. in my mind i went 'seriously?!, go for a wedding with u?!' i refused to answer him jo. let him take a hyke to bloody hell. right now i am in lust with another guy.........woreva, he without sin...........

oh yes, i saw cutie pie back home. met this cute guy last august, name sake too (tho i am tired of namesakes now), i and cutie connect very well. plus last december when i was breaking up with my ex (MF is not an ex), he was there for me, emotionally that is. so why aint we taking it to the next phase? well, cutie stays in lag and i stay in abj and i hate lag, and i cant do no distance thingi again. i am making myself emotionally available for what might work.
i and cutie have chemistry, plenty chemistry! so u can imagine how sweeeet it was to see cutie again! na u know wetin ur mind dey think o, havent said i did anything. (anonymous G, u r not allowed to comment on the chemistry part!).
cutie talked bout the probability of a relationship again, wants us to give it a try. i am so not taking anything serious for now jo.
hmm, cutie just called me now. awwwwwww, mushy mushy!

enough of my ramblings, gotta go back to work, even tho i hate it there right now.