Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ogogoro for Cure

Hi Pipo!
Been ages o and i have missed y'all!
Internet is bad again, thats like my newest cliche but i still try to find a way to see whats happening to my fave pips, meanwhile, i got just a few mins.

I had this nasty and nagging menstrual cramps that started monday evening, my friend now told me "Ogogoro" i.e hot drink (like rum, like spirit, like sepe, etc) cures it. when the pain was too much for me, na im bobo (details later, newest MF in my life) follow me go supermarket to buy "Chelsea".
Not to long things, i drank like a quarter of the bottle o (the small bottle sha) and slept off! it worked like magic! unfortunately, the pain continued on monday, as if to say : "oya, drink ogogoro go court make i see u"!

Ntywayz, i am fine now, safe for back pain. went to lokoja yesterday for my matter which translates to pure agony. but am back, thank God. hopefully, i get a good massage tonite (LG and Rayo, na u know, its just massage).

stupid taxi man stole my old, ragged but faithful fone on monday plus my wallet! d tin jeopardise me no be small! i mean, the fone is really bad, cant even steal it! God dey sha, abi?

guys, gotta go now, real update 2mrw!

Rayo, read ur latest post, couldnt post a comment, sorry, will do that mrw.


NigerianDramaQueen said...

I thought I was the only one that got back pain during that blessed time! Ogogoro sounds like a g8 cure-lol! Sorry bout your phone getting stolen:-(

Omotee! said...

u r so not alone! thanx for dropping by!

LusciousRon said...

Babes that ogogoro dey work o! Try tylenol sha. Not plus ogogoro o. So new MF is following you supermarket now?
What am I missing. Call me ASAP!

rayo said...

babes, ogogoro bi ti bawo? u for drink am go court now. sorry abt the cramps nd back ache sha, i'm blissfully free from either. hehehehe... u nd this ur massage, me i go talk my own oh. goodd to know u r alryt dear

Omotee! said...

thanx love, am fine now. yes o! MF follows me around "cheap" supermarkets. details later love.

ogogoro ni o! if i drink am go court, dem for don arrest me for contempt sef, u lucky u dont have them. yeah, i got the massage last nite! just on the feet sha (what were u thinking, bad girl!)

LG said...

lolllll@"....oya, drink ogogoro go court make i see u"
babes why u nor try am???
thank God u r berra now
*as per dat massage.....babesssssss u NID am :-) :-)

BTW i dey frown o' u update latijo' tuesday n u nor flash me' maka why???

(vixenchick) said...

sorry your wallet and phone got stolen!



Omotee! said...

lg: my babe, no vex abeg, sorry love. how u dey?

vixen: thanx love! been looking out for an update!

Adeola said...

Omo, i no say u sef dey experience dat thing o. Funny thing is i would have prescribed the Ogogoro for you as well. Thank God it worked sha but don't get used to it o before you become a perpetual ogogoroist, lol. Remember brother paul said 'a little' for the sake of your stomach. No mind that yeye cab man,its only for you to get a better phone. Cheers

Omotee! said...

thanx love! pray for me as i gradually become an ologogoro! since the mens pain, i have been taking alcs every night, last nite i got irish cream!
welcome to blogsville! and yeah, i got me a new nice fone!