Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yesterday i was at this Law Reform Workshop, one of those law thingys that my boss forces everyone to attend. I usually find them boring, i go there thinking "how does this change Nigeria or even the legal system? What do these overfed legal luminaries know etc,".
But yesterday was different, i really enjoyed it cos they discussed a hot topic: Rape/Sexual Assault.

Basically, the workshop was to review and amend, if necessary, the statutory provisions concerning sexual offences, rape being the main offence. They have to know if the definition of rape, consent etc according to the laid down laws were adequate enough to accomodate all sorts of sexual offences.
Will not bother u with the definitions and all.

However, some very interesting, and rather hot issues were raised. they are often common issues but i will like to know ur take on these issues.

1. Should indecent dressing be a defence for the offence of rape? this discussion came up there and of course, everyone was against indecent dressing, but should it really be a defence by a man who has raped a woman?

2. In line with 1 above, again, should the Bill of the Senate on Indecent Dressing be looked into again and passed into law?

3. Can a man be raped?

4. Should there be an offence of rape between married people? i.e Can a man rape his legally married wife? (this is the most important).

So, before i post the rest on this topic, i want to know what Blogsville think.

i sat with a very cute guy, it made it more fun! details later.

And how can i not say how happy i am for Obama?!! Congrats everyone, i mean, this is good news for everyone. I see it this way: Its a message of hope, there is nothing impossible or unreachable, there is no dream too big to imagine.
May this ending year bring us much hope, and may the good unexpected happen to us all!


LG said...


Omotee! said...

Yesssssss, LG mi o! how u dey now?
so, let me know ur take on this topic.

LG said...

chaiii des ur 'neco questions get as be e bi o' anywaya sha.....

(1)hmmmmmmmmm yes/no :p
(2)hmmmmmmmm after we get steady light n water n beta road networks n quality education n automatic jobs after graduation n erm...erm...ofcof
beta leaders like ..... n .....
(3)lol b4 nko, no try sum women o
(4) YES

Anonymous said...

2. NO, WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE CARE ABOUT THAT. We have better things to worry about.
3. YES! They are human too. could be raped by another Man or a woman whom he does not find attractive.
Thanks, cant wait to read your take on the issue.

Nefertiti said...

I found myself laughing at your post, but here are my thots:

1. No. It would mean defining Indecent dressing, and that would be a perception issue. It can't be boxed. What I consider indecent might be perfectly alright with the next person.

2. No. I'm wondering why this is even on the table. Aren't there more important things to be looked into?

Ok so u had me cracking up @ # 3 and 4.

3. Personally, I feel a man can be taken advantage of, not raped. The strength it takes to perform the act, makes it almost impossible for a woman to rape a man. A grown woman is however sometimes capable of raping a younger man.

4. Impossicant! I can 'rape' my husband as often as i want to. If he doesn't like it, he can file for divorce... I doubt he will tho ;-)

Omotee! said...

hmmm, so a man can be raped? by a woman? ok, lets see....

really liked the way u analysed it, esp ur number 1.
i am still laffing on ur take at 4! divorce ke?! u harsh o!
thanx for dropping by.

rayo said...

omotee, this reminds me of 1st semester yr3 criminal law. 1 is total bullshit, giving a dog a bad name to hang it, rape is rape whether the lady was nude or in a nun's haabit.
can men be raped? ha, this one always makes 4 a good laff seeing as there is some implied consent on his part before that can take place.
can a husband rape a wyf? yes, i blv nd i dnt kno y our legal system dsnt recognise this, infact its annoyin that a husband cannot indecently assault his yf either.

Omotee! said...

how could i forget, a lawyer in the house, a brilliant one at that.
i mean, can a man truly be raped?!

LusciousRon said...

Omotee we don tire for this issue but i will still drop my two kobo. Why didnt you invite me to this session? I would have told them in the office that its part of my 'ongoing professional development'

1.Indecent dressing? Those agbayas should just stop. It shouldn't be allowed to be a defence. What happened to self control? So if a babe sees a cute shoe in a store she should steal it and claim a defence of'its too beautiful, I had to have it' Abeg.

2. They should just forget that bill. A lady reserves the right to wear what she wants imagine how it will be interpreted by Nigerian police. That is a nightmare waiting to happen. If those people have nothing better to do with their session they should start throwing chairs again!

3. Yes men can be raped. Its just that most of them have a warped sense and they think that it would be fun if a woman or women were to rape them. I once raised this issue among some male friends, you would be surprised at their responses! One even said any woman who wants to rape him should come at any time and he is looking forward to such experience......

4. Husbands that rape their wives is already in the CRIMINAL CODE its called 'indecent assault'
Plenty people say a husband having paid the bride price cannot rape his wife. Its his right to 'do' at anytime bla bla bla.
Anyways I think if the wife doesn't want to do she should be left alone. Rape is still intercourse without CONSENT. Although the CRIMINAL CODE defines it as 'unlawful carnal knowledge'
So between husband and wife is it lawful? I think it depends on the interpretation given by the court.

LusciousRon said...

Which reminds me how does the definition apply to men being raped?

Adeola said...

Omo! wish i had attended the reform as well o but then so much was on for me this week. I nteresting read though. well,as for 1,that cannot and should not even be a defence,that is totally crap. If the dressing is indecent then the man should take his eyes off.Every responsible man sholud have self control. For 2,those people should look for something tangible doing or just sit at home or better still,resign. sure a man can be raped such that he'll be traumatized as well. trust me i know what im saying so on that note,that law should really be reformed o. a man can rape his wife o!!!!!!!!!!

Omotee! said...

Got to thank y'all for contributing, brilliant and very funny.
This definitely is an overflogged issue and the answers to the questions are almost obvious. i have slightly different views to some of the questions though.

will do a small post to answer them instead of making it one long assed comment.

@luscious ron:
sorry love, didnt know i was going to attend the workshop, didnt even know about it until i got there.
interesting view my dear!

baby lawyer, u sharp o! thanx for dropping by and post something in ur blog now now!