Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspirational Quotes to crack you up!

1. Dont drink and drive,
you may hit a bump and spill your drink.

this is just crazy, could not stop laughing when i saw it. u can die but not spill ur drink!

2. He calls me bitch like its a bad thing.

really, i've stopped feeling bad about anybody calling me 'ashawo', before nko? whoever wants to insult me should be innovative (and recieve an innovative bitch slapping)

3. Never under-estimate the power of foolish people in a large crowd.

right on point!

4. Ever since i stopped drinking, i have been thirsty.

mscheww, continue now....shayo master!

5. Well mannered women never made it in history.

mother theresa, joan of arc etc, they must have been kinda bad right? we just didnt know

6. Chocolate, Coffee, Men: some things are just best rich!

i loooooooove this, its on my fridge, and its so on point!

Ok, i am not as jobless as i act or look, i have simply refused to do my work at this moment, court rose some minutes ago. Oga has put us under tremendous pressure since last week so i have decided not to kill myself o jare.
I love those quotes, wish i could be very daring to put them stickers on my car when i finally have one but i know already that i cannot do it.

So whats the craziest sticker on ur car, door, anything? how daring and crazy are u?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Where is LG?? And MDM?

Hi loves!

This aint a real post.

Where is LG (Lady Guide)?? the girl has dissappeared, like lots of people. Anyone knows her? Just concerned.
And MDM (Miss Definitely Maybe; My Mother's Child). Anyone who has news, pls lets know. Know nothing is wrong with them, just concerned.

Blog Awards:

Tried to nominate, think its the hardest thing (asides doing my actual job), there are a zillion bloggers and a million ones that deserve awards. will see.

have a great week everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Manners - do people still have it?!

I've been meaning to do a post on something else entirelyand earlier this week but trust the Boss lady, she has found a way of keeping me gainfully employed this week. Plus, typing right now aint no fun -

I am a very fast and furious typist, as in, i type so fast my keyboards smoke, ok, not exactly but u get the point, am very fast. Prof made sure i started learning it right from primary 6, paid off cos i've always been a lawyer/secretary.

So, last weekend, i went to go and fix my nails. I never do that but i saw some girl's own and it looked really nice, always wanted to do it, decided to try it (thats the 2nd time in all my life).
as expected, everyone thot it looked nice, my fingers were heavier and felt akward. i found it difficult to do my normal stuff like ..... u know.

to type - na wahala. as in, see ur sister, it was hard. Jenifa for do better pass me sef. its like a village girl wearing 6 inch high heels for the first time, omo, e no funny!
i concluded by asking myself "WHO SEND ME MESSAGE O?" so am pulling them out tomorow, abegi!

i digress. to the message of the day....

when people hear manners, ettiquettes, respect etc, what exactly goes thru their mind?

this guy added me on facebook like a zillion times, kept refusing but found we grew up in the same town and attend same church, so out of courtesy (or so i thot) i accepted. he keeps trying to chat, i always ignore. so today out of the magnanimity of my heart, i responded to his chat. hi, hello, wassup etc he went:

boy: so i guess u r married right? u look like u r married

me: oh, married people have looks now? how do they look?

boy: yes now. you are fat and u look matured.

(in my head, bells went off)

me: XCUSE ME?! did u just call me FAT?!

boy: yes now, i know what i see.

that was it. i practically went off the hook and delivered a lecture.

u dont just call people fat, its rude. least of all to a lady, least of all to someone who is not particularly your friend, u dont go about telling them they are fat. u keep ur personal opinions of them to yourself until you have the kind of relationship that allows u to say stuff like that. of cos u and i are not going to get to that point where u call me fat............. etc

he said sorry o, he didnt mean it. i just couldnt be bothered, i told him everything i had to tell him and went off. am gonna delete him.

ok, maybe what he did wasnt that much, it was just to serve as some deterence. this kind of boy goes scott free and next he's going to say my boobs look sexy, i mean, really! he's probably paying for some other peoples sins of rudeness.

thats how someone posted a pic of me at salsa on her facebook page sometime ago, and a guy i've known for long and whom we had no love lost btw us decided to comment and say -

"how omotee wey fat like this go fit dance salsa?"

my other friends on the page immediately told him how wrong it was of him to say that and how he shd wait and hear from me. i replied there and sent a strongly worded msg to him of how it was extremely rude of him to call me fat on facebook and how it wasnt his biz wax if i could dance or not no matter how fat. he damaged an already akward relationship. he apologised but hey, he entered the list of mannerless folks.

i think its important that poeople should know what to say to whom and where. u dont go slapping the butts of someone u r not dating or have a close relationship with (yep, know a guy who did that to a friend).
or a lawyer i saw in court who wanted to get friendly and after greeting me goes "so whats that your number na?" i can cite a zillion examples. some people are just rude!
its important that people should know how to talk and address people. manners is not just kneeling and prostrating for elderly people or pretending like you dont talk in their presence.

anyway, i have 4 files to work on and just heard one is to be handed in on saturday, gotta go now!
may your days be free from mannerless twarts!!