Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now this is the kind of thing a mother sees and shouts CHIMMM OOOO!!!!!!!
i know say na pikin but abeg, wetin d little nigger dey think?!?!?
Plus the snr nigga who took the picture, maybe na film sha and na director say make im try am, or what could be responsible for this madness ehn?!?!

Anyway, my post really isnt about the boy who was about to destroy the very essence of his being as a man, its just something i thot would crack u up a bit.

1. I love rainy saturday mornings in august, the type where the rain would just not stop and am jobless. curl up in bed with a nice novel and soft music, its my definition of tranquility.

2. I love dressing up and looking good. It may not happen always but i love the confidence that comes with you knowing u look good even b4 anyone comments on how nice u look. I love everything that comes with looking good, jewelries, nice cloths, shoes etc anything (very vain abi?)

3. I love cakes. every kind of lovely cakes. esp the ones that have chocs and fruits. a nicely done sinful choc cake gives me an orgasmic feeling. its just...... great!!!

4. I love cute bathrooms. anytime i go thru catalogues, i just dream of how nice i'd love my bathroom to be, with scented candles all over the place.

5. I love music. i have an eclectic taste. i love everything except hard rock and rap. i can tolerate some rap but never hard rock. good music lifts my soul all the time.

6. I love cooking. Yes. the idea of turning everything available into some tasty and beautiful looking meals make me very happy.

7. I so love having people around me. like hanging out with lots of friends, inviting people over and just generally having fun. i love people (like anyone doesnt) i love doing anything that will make someone happy. its fulfilling.

8. I love apples. If i there's the chance, I could eat 8 large apples in a day.

9. Now the strange and weird one: I love to pee. I love peeing after holding it for a while, i love the relief that comes with it and the way it just makes my tummy go dooooooooowwwwwwwwwwnnnn. strange eh?

10.I love blogging. doing blog rounds, dropping comments and all. It makes my ordinary life much more fun.

so far, what do we have in common?

(i didnt think people shd be categorised as things so i didnt mention pple i love. plus that would be a whole book!)

I tag everyone that loves to do a tag.

nice weekend ahead

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank You


First off i have to apologise that i have not thanked you all for the messages and calls for my birthday, the usual excuse, WORK and no internet last week!
i really really appreciated it, God bless y'all!

My birthday was low key but quite good day. its so nice when people remember ur birthday, dont mind me, i get excited about little stuff like that. so i was all smiles that day with aching cheeks to show for it, but it was pleasant having the aching cheeks.
Later in the evening, i hung out with a few friends and some of Bubbly's friends too. just had suya and drinks, gisting laughing and making sure nobody was sitting too close to my very beautiful and sexy 17 yr old cousin. the girl is fine and Bubbly's friends were trying to get close. i'll be some strict mummy abi? i think so too!

oh and the gifts, u know i love, gifts, who doesnt. i got lovely stuff from my friends. still got gifts till last saturday sef. Bubbly's folks got me gifts too, aint i just blessed.
Thanks Bubbly for making my life so beautiful, u're simply wonderful!

have a nice week everyone, may good and special things happen to you this wonderful week.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm here to say how much I love you

(Cos you love me unconditionally)

I'm here to say how much I adore you

(You're too kind and wonderful to me)

Lord am not here to complain, about my many problems

(They are there, almost overwhelming but hey, am alive, there's hope)

By your spirit and ur Grace, am confident u'll solve them

(You live and so I can face tommorow)

I'm here to say I love you.....

I love to love you Lord

....Thank you for your unconditional love!!!

(That was me getting emotional and spiritual)

Thank you everyone for your text messages and (missed) calls. I am so grateful. I feel so loved right now.

I shall be back to give you full details. Have a great day y'all!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Birthday, the Number, Cramps, Clinics etc

I am as disturbed as the title, just ignore it, its the cramps.

Imagine, i've got the horrible cramps again, they just wont go away would they? its threatening to spoil my day as am grovelling, crouching and wincing in pain. this curse of being a woman! maybe i'll go get knocked up - wait, that leads to labour right?? OH HELL!!! (how apt that am listening to "No Woman No Cry)

so i go to the clinic and trust civil service, it took me several minutes to get to see the doc finally, stupid protocols that have to be adhered to even if the patient is dying. whats it with clinics and nurses anyway? they just have to give u silly attitudes, i was extremely pissed.

thankfully the doc is a kind woman and prescribed drugs and then it took the nurse/pharmacist another 15 mins to get me the frigging drugs, an elderly woman who i'd have liked but instead, she started giving me funny attitude too, i wonder if they think people just like to come and visit the clinic and see what it looks like. she was busy laughing and chatting with some other lady. right that moment, i wished i was the CR so i can yell and transfer the pains to her and then issue her a query. finally, i got my drugs and left.

then the guy i asked to bring my breakfast took another one long hour (maybe not that long sha) and i was told to eat well before i take the drugs. EVERYONE is just trying to complicate my mood!

ok, cramps mess my days up so am just having a bad day. guess the pill is kicking in now.
again i ask, must i have cramps?!
better the cramps today than tommorow cos aint nothing stopping me from eating choc cakes tommorow.

so as promised in previous post, my number is 08035837027. would love to hear from u tommorow

have a cramp and annoying-people free day y'all!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Describing the process of SEX

Never mind the title, its just some crazy stuff i heard in Dr. House Season I by that girl....cant remember her name now (yeah i just caught the house bug all these while). There's this part where she was explaining what the body goes thru during sex:

"Pupils dilate, arteries constrict.
Core temperature rises, heart races, blood pressure skyrockets, respiration becomes rapid and shallow.
The brain fires bursts of electrical impulses from nowhere to nowhere.
Secretions spit out of every gland and the muscles tense and spasm like you're lifting 3 times your body weight.
Its violent, its ugly and its messy"

WTH?!! thats some crazy description!!!!

Hope u had a great easter?

Mine was.....
Prof (thats my father) summoned us to come home for thanksgiving on Sunday. i really didnt want to go but i had no choice. it was extremely hot and i was sweating like a xmas goat! Sunday was kinda fun sha. We all (Prof, mum, my lil brother and me) had to sit in the front row and wearing "anko" (same kind of materia) which is something we NEVER do. my brother and i DO NOT as a rule sit in front of the church, or sit together or wear the same cloth for any reason. i think the last time we did the anko thing was during gran's burial. i sit in the last row with my friends and do everything but listen to the sermon, ushers always have issues with us. that was a long time tho and we've changed. so u can imagine how uncomfortable it was sitting in front and greeting EVERYBODY in church, my cheeks were sore. and afterwards i had to start answering the most popular question "When are we coming to eat rice" or "When are u bringing him" or "Do quick o, time is going o" which just annoys me. I answer them "Lets go buy a husband when u discover a mall that sells good ones". ok, not exactly, i only answer them in my mind amidst very fake smiles. its tres annoying!

we had a reception in the house after church and there were lots of folks from church. Prof invited everybody against the 150 or so people he told my mum. it made me realise one thing: i really love parties when we are not the ones hosting the guests, its more fun that way dont u think?

anyway, it was ok, i invited all my friends (trust me) and there was lots of gisting, laughing and drinks and cake (they came late so no food for them, lol). i realised in spite of the stress that it really is fun to be home again. it always is.
it would be better if telepathy can really work tho, the only aspect of traveling that i like is closing my eyes and getting to my destination without going on the road or in the air, its stressful on the road and its scary in the air. all in all it wasnt bad. i returned on monday to come see my beloved Bubbly. looking fwd to the next holiday.

my birthday is next wednesday, 14th april. i shall be 28. i don old o! i have license to eat the most sinful choc cake on that day with a large cup of ice cream, its my birthday now! like sugarking, i shall be doing something daring, i'd love to get a text msg or phone call from my blog family. i'll drop the number on wednesday.

i spoke to sugarking!!! he's absolutely cooooooooolllllllll and funny! thats the first blogger i will speak to except for those that i've known before. it was nice.
have a nice day y'all!