Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Birthday, the Number, Cramps, Clinics etc

I am as disturbed as the title, just ignore it, its the cramps.

Imagine, i've got the horrible cramps again, they just wont go away would they? its threatening to spoil my day as am grovelling, crouching and wincing in pain. this curse of being a woman! maybe i'll go get knocked up - wait, that leads to labour right?? OH HELL!!! (how apt that am listening to "No Woman No Cry)

so i go to the clinic and trust civil service, it took me several minutes to get to see the doc finally, stupid protocols that have to be adhered to even if the patient is dying. whats it with clinics and nurses anyway? they just have to give u silly attitudes, i was extremely pissed.

thankfully the doc is a kind woman and prescribed drugs and then it took the nurse/pharmacist another 15 mins to get me the frigging drugs, an elderly woman who i'd have liked but instead, she started giving me funny attitude too, i wonder if they think people just like to come and visit the clinic and see what it looks like. she was busy laughing and chatting with some other lady. right that moment, i wished i was the CR so i can yell and transfer the pains to her and then issue her a query. finally, i got my drugs and left.

then the guy i asked to bring my breakfast took another one long hour (maybe not that long sha) and i was told to eat well before i take the drugs. EVERYONE is just trying to complicate my mood!

ok, cramps mess my days up so am just having a bad day. guess the pill is kicking in now.
again i ask, must i have cramps?!
better the cramps today than tommorow cos aint nothing stopping me from eating choc cakes tommorow.

so as promised in previous post, my number is 08035837027. would love to hear from u tommorow

have a cramp and annoying-people free day y'all!


Mamuje said...

Pele, take it easy oh.

Andrea said...

Try to avoid sweet things one week before aunt flo, that should help with the cramps.pele.

Tayne said...

Its your birthday already over there i think. Have a lovely birthday honey and hope your cramps get better.

Myne Whitman said...

Pele, expect my call later, maybe I will wake you up earlier than usual, lol.

Miss FlyHigh said...

Happy birthday dear! :)

Fabulo-la said...

Happy birthday!
Hope you got my text ;)

Nutty J. said...

hey more cramps to you....10inch cake all the way

Happy Biaday darling

doll said...

happy birthday