Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now this is the kind of thing a mother sees and shouts CHIMMM OOOO!!!!!!!
i know say na pikin but abeg, wetin d little nigger dey think?!?!?
Plus the snr nigga who took the picture, maybe na film sha and na director say make im try am, or what could be responsible for this madness ehn?!?!

Anyway, my post really isnt about the boy who was about to destroy the very essence of his being as a man, its just something i thot would crack u up a bit.

1. I love rainy saturday mornings in august, the type where the rain would just not stop and am jobless. curl up in bed with a nice novel and soft music, its my definition of tranquility.

2. I love dressing up and looking good. It may not happen always but i love the confidence that comes with you knowing u look good even b4 anyone comments on how nice u look. I love everything that comes with looking good, jewelries, nice cloths, shoes etc anything (very vain abi?)

3. I love cakes. every kind of lovely cakes. esp the ones that have chocs and fruits. a nicely done sinful choc cake gives me an orgasmic feeling. its just...... great!!!

4. I love cute bathrooms. anytime i go thru catalogues, i just dream of how nice i'd love my bathroom to be, with scented candles all over the place.

5. I love music. i have an eclectic taste. i love everything except hard rock and rap. i can tolerate some rap but never hard rock. good music lifts my soul all the time.

6. I love cooking. Yes. the idea of turning everything available into some tasty and beautiful looking meals make me very happy.

7. I so love having people around me. like hanging out with lots of friends, inviting people over and just generally having fun. i love people (like anyone doesnt) i love doing anything that will make someone happy. its fulfilling.

8. I love apples. If i there's the chance, I could eat 8 large apples in a day.

9. Now the strange and weird one: I love to pee. I love peeing after holding it for a while, i love the relief that comes with it and the way it just makes my tummy go dooooooooowwwwwwwwwwnnnn. strange eh?

10.I love blogging. doing blog rounds, dropping comments and all. It makes my ordinary life much more fun.

so far, what do we have in common?

(i didnt think people shd be categorised as things so i didnt mention pple i love. plus that would be a whole book!)

I tag everyone that loves to do a tag.

nice weekend ahead


The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Okay this had better be a film, because whoever took this picture must be demented to stand by and let it happen for real.

Your love for peeing is something

The Girl with the Red Hair said...
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Fragilelooks said...

lol @ i love peeing. ok i love cakes too. Oh i dnt njoy cooking bt i knw hw to. I realy dnt like pple around al d time.

Myne Whitman said...

I also love music, cakes and rainy days in the warm weather. Curling up and reading while it's dark and stormy outside, yeah...

ps, peeing? LOL...

Nutty J. said...

I love Cakes, Chocolates and Icecream

Lol@ You loving peeing...u no sound ooo

Enkay said...

I only love rainy days when I'm not caught in the downpour.

My idea of a really lovely rainy day is when I'm curled up in bed, sipping hot chocolate and reading a really good book.

And oh, let's not forget my precious stockings. My feet must be kept warm!

2cute4u said...

Hmmm the peeing..I like that.You weird sha, Lol.
The chocs..yummmy..
But you and your sense of humour! That pic had me rushing to read more only to see say na one of your ninja moves,na your way sha..

simeone said...

we have nada in common
shey you not vexd at me..?

Fabulo-la said...

You know why you love to pee? Esp after holding it in?

Its like having an orgasm.

i cant rmba what blog I read it on.

U can thank me later.

(what for i dont know)


Repressed One said...

LOL@ love're a weird one!

...i can agree with the first one...ONLY when i'm going to be indoors.

How are you, my barrister. Been a minute!

BuBu said...

I seem to love all the things you love. I love to dress up, I love cooking, I love people being around, of course i love cakes. I love rainy saturday mornings when i have nothing planned and bossman is not saying come to work.

We seem to have a lot in commmon, but the peeing hmmmmmmmm..........

Omotee! said...

redhead chic: i want to kill the snr nigger too.
yeah, its something

fragile looks: hmm so we have cakes in common. why is everyone laffing at my peeing issues?!

myne: a lot in common, good thing! since u r a star!

nutty j: in fact, all of u wey dey talk about my pee, na u know. u just dey jealous!

enkay: hmm, trust u, nice taste!

chacha: thank u o jare, for once someone likes my peeing!

simeon: we have one question: where on earth are u?!?! kilonsele si e now?

fabulola: excuse o, what is orgasm sef?! ldkmd, i think thats the feeling sha..... hmmm!

repressed: thanks dear mi, i dey o, as i am, i dey blow my nose dey do tests for hospital, dey sick. pray for urs truly

bubu: oh i know all that plus the peeing, u like it. know why? cos as fabulola said, its orgasmic and u like Os! abi u dont? everyone loves Os so everyone loves to pee! thats my verdict!

Afronuts said...

What do we have in common? love peeing-holding it and letting it go so ur tummy can experience the thrill shey?

I love crapping and reading at the same time. lol!

well...thats if my shit doesnt stink nasty and send me scuttling out!

Geebee said...

Now that picture had me in shock for a while. I think that'd be a better way to punish criminals rather than the electric chair, firing squad or hanging thingy. Just a weird thought. lol @ you loving to pee. I never thought about that earlier. Yes indeed it's the sweetest experience and I agree with Fab. It actually feels like an orgasm especially after holding it for a while.
@ Afronuts- Crazy dude you are. LMAO @ your comment.

Helene said...

Cake!!! You had to mention cake, didn't you? I LOVE cake...seriously. It's the one thing I'd fight my kids for if it were the only thing we had left in our kitchen!

That picture made me shudder...good God, I certainly hope that was a plastic knife!

Omotee! said...

afronuts: i hereby rename u AFROTOCRAZY! lol! u had to come and tell us about that one. me i dont crap o, am too tush!
am honored u stopped by!

geebee: i love ur recomendation - cut off the offending member, OOOUUUCH!!!

Helen: really, a nicely baked cake would do lots of things i doubt my boyfriend could do to me *wink*!
thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

Who snap d foto sef? na that pesin i wan query & not d pikin! I had listed the 10things me likey as i was tagged by LUCID few weeks back... i like cakes also...hold you pee? are you doing KEGEL exercise? hehehe...

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