Monday, July 4, 2011

Am Back

Where do i begin my story?

First am gonna thank my blogger friends who kept in touch in and out of here. For those who left comments on my postless post, lol. For LG who found out if my office was far away from the bomb blast in June, Miss Whitman, Luscious and of cos Chacha who called to say congrats.... u guys are simply wonderful.

Now to my absence: my muse was kidnapped by work and planning. I had so much to talk about and for some reason I just could not get around to do a post and when i finally found the strength, time and my muse, for reasons best known to blogger, it decided it was time for me to learn arabic. Everything was in arabic! I had no idea how to change it but thank God my super intelligent SIL (Sister in Law) helped me out :)

Oh yeah did i mention that i got married last weekend? Yes i did!!! I am now known and to be addressed as Mrs. Bubbly

God has been so wonderful! Details on my next post when i realised who has missed me and is glad to have me back :)

And when i get rid of this fake nails!