Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank You


First off i have to apologise that i have not thanked you all for the messages and calls for my birthday, the usual excuse, WORK and no internet last week!
i really really appreciated it, God bless y'all!

My birthday was low key but quite good day. its so nice when people remember ur birthday, dont mind me, i get excited about little stuff like that. so i was all smiles that day with aching cheeks to show for it, but it was pleasant having the aching cheeks.
Later in the evening, i hung out with a few friends and some of Bubbly's friends too. just had suya and drinks, gisting laughing and making sure nobody was sitting too close to my very beautiful and sexy 17 yr old cousin. the girl is fine and Bubbly's friends were trying to get close. i'll be some strict mummy abi? i think so too!

oh and the gifts, u know i love, gifts, who doesnt. i got lovely stuff from my friends. still got gifts till last saturday sef. Bubbly's folks got me gifts too, aint i just blessed.
Thanks Bubbly for making my life so beautiful, u're simply wonderful!

have a nice week everyone, may good and special things happen to you this wonderful week.


Sugarking said...

Eyaa, Happy Birthday again babes! u too mush!!

sosexy said...

Glad to know you had some sweet fun

Myne Whitman said...

You're welcome sweetie, I noticed your absence. It's nice to know you had a good birthday. Take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

ooops..Happy belated birthday hehe. Good to know it was a good one. Enjoy your week as well

Omotee! said...

my sugar sugar, u too gbaski!

sosexy, yeah, good memories

myne o myne, aint u just sweet, ehen? i never get my book o b4 i vex!

tia thanks dear, never too late. how are ya?

Enkay said...

Amen to that prayer o!

Happy belated Birthday! You still sound excited about it all and i think that's a good thing!

AlooFar said...

Happy belated bday.
Hope you had fun.