Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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went home this weekend for dear friend's wedding, was nice being away from work and reality for a while. na serious owambe, just the way i like it, unfortunately, no fine boys, just some boda agbayas wey don retire and wan spoil small girl like me.
ntywayz, dressed up, partied, serious partying on friday and saturday and had the most stressful journey to and fro but its ok, twas fun. u had to see my gele!
so happy for my friend, nice girl, good guy and they looked so sweeeet! awwwww, weddings make me mushy mushy!

snap! am back to reality.

work is shittingly annoying now, big boss has 2 things to do in the office now: write his briefs and pick on me endlessly and right now, i am soooooooo not bothered. i do not intend to kill myself. work issues will be another post entirely.

mr. Nice refused to pick my calls! that is sooooo funny! i tried to be nice and ask after the guy and then when he finally picked up (i used someone elses fone o), he said it was deliberate. ah, e gbami, see me trying to be matured and nice?! and then he called later to talk about how painfull it is that i dont reciprocate his feelings, he is trying to forget me so he doesnt do anything crazy, that am begining to drive him crazy, ......... blah, blah,blah.
so, i apologised for interupting the process of 'forgetting me'. i was almost feeling sorry for the poor dude but hey, what about me?! i need time! i need to be sure of what am doing! i cant do things based on pity and whatever, i must have a reason. i wont let anyone put me in the guilt mood jo. relationships entail 2 people and so i cant just enter into it bcos he feels sure. if the feeling is not giz giz, at least there must be some liking to go on and i do not feel it right now, and i dont want to apologise for it. period!

oh, MF called on saturday and asked if i was home so he could come see me. i was so glad to tell him i was out of town but that i will call him when i get back. so i did and then he called to say he and his gang were coming to see me, just like old times. back in the days when we had the 'thing' going, he brings his friends to pacify me sort of when he thinks he has offended me and then we just make up.
this time was different: we are over! i did not gist with him or fight with him or try to talk about anything. he is just another bloody person.
he asked why i didnt tell him i was traveling, he might have wanted to attend the wedding. in my mind i went 'seriously?!, go for a wedding with u?!' i refused to answer him jo. let him take a hyke to bloody hell. right now i am in lust with another guy.........woreva, he without sin...........

oh yes, i saw cutie pie back home. met this cute guy last august, name sake too (tho i am tired of namesakes now), i and cutie connect very well. plus last december when i was breaking up with my ex (MF is not an ex), he was there for me, emotionally that is. so why aint we taking it to the next phase? well, cutie stays in lag and i stay in abj and i hate lag, and i cant do no distance thingi again. i am making myself emotionally available for what might work.
i and cutie have chemistry, plenty chemistry! so u can imagine how sweeeet it was to see cutie again! na u know wetin ur mind dey think o, havent said i did anything. (anonymous G, u r not allowed to comment on the chemistry part!).
cutie talked bout the probability of a relationship again, wants us to give it a try. i am so not taking anything serious for now jo.
hmm, cutie just called me now. awwwwwww, mushy mushy!

enough of my ramblings, gotta go back to work, even tho i hate it there right now.


LusciousRon said...

First o!

I want to meet cutie o! Good that you put MF in his place. Can't wait for all the gbeborun.

(vixenchick) said...

2nd! lol.

cutie sounds like a winner.

Anonymous said...

Cutie is the winner o but take this from me, long distance is a bitch men. But sha, you wont know until you try. Bon chance.

rayo said...

go girl, u did ryt by mf. ur boss, tell him to take care oh. as for cutie, lag-abuja is not that bad now


this is my first time here and I couldn't help but love the honesty of this rant.

Take it easy!


Omotee! said...

weeell, dont know bout meeting him o, but he is still cute!
hey, my fave girl! congrats on ur sister waking up. sorry bout the break up, will be better k?
my dear, yes it is a big bitch, i dont look fwd to it but who knows, lets just see...........
aw darling, missed u, she u no go post new tins ni?! lag-abuja, ah! dunno o!
padi, thanx o, i intend to take it easy jare, i no fit sout!

Shubby Doo said...

awww mushy mushy indeed

LG said...

lollllll@boda agbaya; babes no let dem catch u o :-)
but i for like dat 'gele' o' ejoor na
*bats lashes*
gudluck with nice, cuties (mf????) :)
norrin do u sha'

BTW i retitled dis post 'mushy mushy'

simeone said...

omotee.why go al d way to lag..when i'm rite here....oga o.
anyways ..luvd d rantz.

Anonymous said...

this ur mushy mushy is rendering me to mush mehn...

Anonymous said...

wait ur talkin lag-abj as long distance? *hiss wharrabau lond-lagos nko?

Omotee! said...

@shubby doo: what can i say? its still so mush mush!
@LG: na wa for u o! where u go?! scold u later. mo miss e.
more gist on boda agbaya (see my still me)
@simeone:na true o, i no suppose waka too far now, abi? nah, i no go gree u jo!
ehn?! love accross the ocean?! babe, una dey try o! if the rel. don dey existence tay b4 either parties commot go overs, thats still ok, but like just starting?! ah......... well sha
lol @ me making u mush mush:)its contagious!
thanx y'all!

Tolantino said...


This is the first of your posts which I have read and it was very interesting to read about your trips... So you are tired of meeting name sakes eh? well, not before you meet me o! Me too I be Omotee..lool..

Seems like Naija is the place to be when you want to meet enuf guys.. really.. see dem as dem plenty for your side!! Wetin do long distance now? relationships is all about sacrifices.. and i hear that plane tickets from Abj - Lag aint that bad these days.. make you thinks about it small...

xxx Tolantion aka Ajala

Omotee! said...

hey, thanx for stopping by!
i don begin dey tire o jare, the manageable boys are either taken or untakeable!
cutie, distance, hmmmm, my sista, d tin hard pass that o but make we dey see now.
havent seen any pic of u in indian sari (or wetin dem dey call am?)

Kemberly said...
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Kemberly said...

Hey Hun!

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. This is my first time here and I haven’t had a chance to read your blog yet, but from the looks of things, it promises to be "NICE"...hehehehehehhehe...I'll check back later. Thanks for the love!


Anonymous said...

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