Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hate Mail/Post

The holiday has been most boring, gradually ending sha and am so glad to get back to normal life, i.e, work, not like anything new coming up.

called MF today to say happy birthday, sent him a lovely text too.
just dis afternoon, MF called, or so it seemed. picked it, 'hello?' no response. then it got interesting.......

MF and some girl is gisting, chatting away happily or so, from all i could hear. heard her name... a chic MF told me nothing was up anymo (LG can hear u ask if i believed it), heard stuff i shouldnt have listened to, shouldnt have heard. i coulda cut da fone when i knew the call was either a mistake or..... woreva
But i didnt end the call, listened, got pissed, angry, jealous too i guess, i mean, i dont know jo. i just know i was pissed. but i am glad i did. reality either creeps on u or dawns suddenly and heavily on u, so figure.........

so i called MF, said hi, asked if the call was a mistake, started saying stuff like it was deliberate, he wanted to say hi but i didnt talk, was watching soccer........ crap, crap, crap! obviously lying and i just hated him at that point. told him it couldnt have been cos he couldnt have wanted me to hear all i heard.
some mins lera, he called and like 'if u knew the call was a mistake, why didnt u just end the call for me?'
am like 'i wanted to, until the conv started getting interesting, am glad i heard what i heard anyway'.
'and what did u hear?' Deut. 29 v 29
'try to remember what u really truly was doing' obviously not soccer like u claimed.
'ok bye'. click.

am pissed pissed pissed!!!!!!!!!
ok, shit happens, one of those crap that happen in life. learnt my lesson. there is more to life than MF! its a done and bad deal. borrowing afro's cliche : TOTAL FUCKERY.
i feel stupid and silly, dunno why.
its a phase jo.

MF can frigging take a frigging bow now!!!!!!!

happy independence guys. may we truly be liberated from whatever issues holding us, be it MF like issues, especially MF like issues!


LusciousRon said...

First Yay!

You don't say that idiot has done it again. Just forget him and his absolute bullshit. Miss you gan.

LusciousRon said...

Sorry about your hols sha.

LusciousRon said...

I am third too. 3 strikes! Doing the konko below dance!

Omotee! said...

ore me, thanx jo. let him frigging go away. am doing independence day, with the whole green and white thingi o! u shd see ur girl, dammmnnnnnnnn, i look gooooooooood! even i know it!
am faffing around town, who knows........

simeone said...

so where and where did we visit in town..me been indoors jo..not feeling outside runz..
take it cool o..your man will come..lol

Anonymous said...

hmmn nne! na wa o...no comment mehn!

(vixenchick) said...

hey babe! thank you for coming by my spot! i love yours...ima bout to go read the archives so i can learn a little bit more about you.

(vixenchick) said...

hey babe! thank you for coming by my spot! i love yours...ima bout to go read the archives so i can learn a little bit more about you.

Buttercup said...

Wow..it cudnt hav been easy hearin that..pele!!!

Maybe that was what u needed to fully move on..

U'll be fine babe!

LG said...

*ear splitting hiss*
rabbish!!! no mind am jare ,
like omobaba said, ur 'own' go come
'chimple' :) :)
BTW norrin do u at all at all

Uzezi said...

rubbish. dont take shit

omotee said...

no mind me o! i had the boringest moment with all my shakara! but it got better at nite, i read blogs, that made my day! and thanx, i know he shall come, u could tell him to hurry up tho (lol)!

na real wa o my sister, dalu jare.

my very person, thanks for stopping by too, really loving on u.

thanx love, yeah, i am moving on, in fact, i have started a replacement course sef......... lera gist

my own personal pesin! norin do me o and norin do u at all, thank jo. i will try the hiss thing on him when i see him again!

yes o, i shall chop no shit!

Anonymous said...

At least you found out the truth. Me I am still wondering and wondering. I wish he would just be stupid enuf to do this, so I can finally move on. Not knowing is awful jo. But pele dear. it is well. A big cyber hug.

rayo said...

yep, total fuckery. nonsense, all these guys sef, at least now u know. pele dear