Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Girls Only, Keeping Mr. Man

I read some relationship book a long time ago, when i still used to read them, stopped for a while now cos, well, i still havent found the right bobo, e never gree come and then, sometimes, those methods dont work jo.
ntywayz, i stumbled on this old jotter of mine, i actually wrote down what the writer labelled as pitfalls, even i trip for me!

so, for lack of nothing to do now (i actually have a brief staring me in the face but right now it looks like greek and latin) and for lack of better thing to post (yeah right) i shall give u the tips/pitfalls. some of us are actually guilty of them. and some of them aint so baaaaad abi? u tell:

1. making the first move
2. saying i love you before he does (well, kini big deal?)
3. sex too early in a relationship (ok, when is the right time? 1 yr, 5 months, 2 days?)
4. neglecting self development
5. sharing too much too soon
6. failing to keep in shape (find a man, keep the man!)
7. asking a man to marry you (were!)
8. dating married men
9. playing house with a man
10. spending too much time with a man you just met (now, thats hard, what if he is sooo fine and sooo nice to be with?)
11. refusing to let go of an Ex
12. trapping by getting pregnant (ode, were, foolish!)
13. becoming over-possessive
14. trying to re-make a man
15. unnecessarily fussing and nagging
16. failing to practice proper standards of hygiene
17. failure to appreciate the revealing and defining power of time (well.......)
18. failing to love yourself before expecting to be loved
19. neglecting to look your best at all times

so, those are the ones by the writer, i have these to add, i sabi small:

20. sticking with mr. mike tyson (the beater) why on earth do girls stick that?!!!
21. sucking up to his rude siblings so he can marry you (i appreciate the place of respect but then, pls!!!)
22. neglecting your own friends to be with him all the time (ok, its easy to do that cos our girlfriends dont kiss and touch and make our hearts go gbam gbam, but its wrong)
23. telling him you hate all his friends (diplomacy, even though u do)
24. emmmmm................ add ur own

i and MF sort of made up last nite, i am still debating if that was a smart thing to do considering............
MF means Male Figure which means the guy currently reigning in my life while i dont have an active boyfriend. i keep telling myself am not MF's girlfriend. stupid, foolish... i guess
i will give u full gist of MF in another post.


Anonymous said...

Hmm! ladies stuff indeed. Actually, bump into your blog and decided to leave some love. Honestly write-up you got here. Kudos


LusciousRon said...

Ore this one pass me o! Ok nice advice. Stop reading those relationship books and start practicing what you read abi you want to become the proverbial horse in the book?
What is MF doing in your life again? Anyways you always have my shoulder to laugh on abi?

Esmeralda said...

very interesting tips, and quite useful too.

Male Figure? lmao!

good luck with Mr. Right finding u.

OluwaDee said...

kini big deal, kini big deal?

4 some reason I love that song.

10ks 4 stopping by my blog.

Sherri said...

let me add:
conforming to please a man.

Omotee! said...

thanks y'all, internet has been off!
ntwayz, have something to post on MF, i am mega pissed!

LG said...

lollll me i want to kno about MFFF oops!! sowwy i meant MF :)
i dey wait o

rayo said...

chic report here sharp sharp, what is all these one now. we bloggers gotta start burning down some isp's offices oh so they'll take us serious.hehehehehehehehhe. oya update oh

Mz. Dee said...

Ur notes are so ON POINT!
esp the suckin up to rude siblings!

Jst annoys me!

Buttercup said...

So true!

I dnt bother readin relationship books, but u'v pointed out that they cud actually be of help

Omotee! said...

@ all:
where is the man to practice all these acquired skills sef? rabbish!!!!!!!!!