Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Am back

Have been away from work and life generally since last tuesday, i went for the trip to kano and then came the wahala.........

Kano is.... not a bad town sha, very hot, very muslim, i was hoping and praying subconciously that i see a simply dressed lady, i was putting on pants and shirt, very decent but u know the feeling. saw worse later so i felt better. They were really quite friendly folks. had a lunch at a place called pounded yam and co, would have called it lovely but fever was already setting in so the taste was somewhere between sweet and sawdust.

would have said i had a great time but the journey was far from smooth. by the time i finished my buss, it was close to 3pm. of cos at the car park, agbero lied that they were almost complete, had to pay for 2 just to get out of the place. was coughing so bad with some thick sputum (yuck, yuck, yuck!) and chest pain. got home late and fell very very ill. hospital pronounced losts of things from the test, malaria and pneumonia (mba, God forbid), plenty drugs, plenty injections, my bum aches like mad right now.
got 2 nice docs to myself, hmm, how nice. one was very very nice and caring, always wanted to date a doc but sha. and NO! i didnt do anything silly with either docs, so just relax.

ntwayz, most importantly, i am back on my feet, am fine now, i can kick asses now and am just so so grateful to God.


LG said...

pele dear' thank God u r beta now, dat malaria no get sense o :)
take kia

lolll@pounded yam and co,
wat a name :)

Omotee! said...

toinx my love. yes, malaria no get sense!
try it out if u ever go to kano, pounded yam and co, not bad at all!

Mz. Dee said...

lol!! Glad ure ok now!

Wich meanz.. real updatex yea?


(are u sure u didnt do anythin nutty? :p)