Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Right now i am sooooooooooo full of things to right but the stupid internet guys have decided to mess me up! i am at a cyber cafe! it is very annoying.

i have gist on work, beefer (work related), MF again, basically, issues...... plenty plenty.

i miss luscious ron, rayo, afrobabe, buttercup, ladyguide etc, just realised how much reading ur blogs mean to me (and of cos how y'all keep me from doing serious work, now i have internet hours for myself, when of cos they decide to make it work again!) *sob, sob, sob* make una head no swell o!

i have blogs to read, lera men!


Mz. Dee said...

shuo! u no miss me??

Omotee! said...

mz. dee aka buttercup, make ur head no sweel, na ur blog i miss! u ke?

LusciousRon said...

my love i don miss you fone no dey gree open all the blog pages jare. plenty story. hope your internet is behaving now sha.

LG said...

babes my 'ori' wan fall comot'
norrin do u

Buttercup said...

Lol did u mix mz. dee n i up or somn??

Buttercup said...

Oh n yea, sorry bout ur internet!