Monday, September 1, 2008

nba conf

been ages since i posted any (who cares), blogs like rayo's has been keeping me busy and amused!
so i went on 2 wks leave, had the boringest of moments, came back to work and was bathed into another more boringest moment. then came the NBA conference.
conferences of any kind make me feel......... dunno how to explain it.
the first day of the conference, i tried to pretend like it was my thing, listened (tried) to all the welcome addresses, i really enjoyed Modibbo of the FCT, the guy didnt have a prepared speech but was intelligent and brief. others were ok. they lost me when some white folk came up. am like "Oyinbo ke?!" what da hell does he know bout Naija? no be say i no hear english o, i hear am, i fit form am sef but hey, white folks bore me when they try to talk serious talk. after then, i practically how to translate what they were saying from greek into english and then i left the place!
since then, i was either faffing around with my equally jobless friends (i know she is reading this and hates me now, too bad), meeting old friends, seeing old nuisances who have still refused to change, meet some important snr lawyers and behave like i care about them, my cheeks aching from fake smiles etc
as u can see, it was crap, crap and more crap.

i have lots of things in my head that i want to write about, i dont just seem to think i can put it down

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