Thursday, August 14, 2008


i don begin dey hate dis leave o! i am almost always usually bored but this is different. this week, i have been MEGA SUPA DUPA EXTRA BORED!

it just keeps me wondering how anybody will concede to the idea of being a housewife! pls dont get me wrong (trust me, i can hear it all, and see the daggers too). at this age and stage, except u have a baby to nurse or want to stay home with ur very young kids, i cannot, for the life of me imagine why anyone would one to be a stay at home wife, its crazy! i almost ran mad.

I must say that am not in support of the 6am - 9pm work arrangement of women (single, married, mothers) and i feel gradually, the world is gearing towards anti-life (for lack of correct phrase) the fast growing ultra-modern (borrow me english) doesnt support the growth of a relationship, marriage (honey long time, sorry am too tired for sex, cant cook grab a pizza), family life generally etc and thank God (kinda) for the invention of cell phones, i can convinently tell oga am at a late meeting while i am getting a quickie with my fine colleague (i no do am o), afterall, oga sef for don tire when we reach sef. its just crazy!

but i digress, back to main point.

In spite and despite my campaign for what i might call real life, i will never be able to understand why any man would want to camp his wife at home. more so when most men do it for the most selfish reasons. some men (usually) are simply scared of success, their definition of being the man to them means they have to have more money to subdue and suppress you, you cant buy or do nothing without them. some just have issues sha. whatever the issues, its all just bull crap!


Sienne said...


u see, too much of good thing no good o


get ur ass to work now!

Anonymous said...

Very true and well said but let's get real people for the arguement say that it is unsafe for the housemaid to raise your kids and that's the truth....

rayo said...

i so feel u, me i h8 scul bt i'm dreadn d u[comin hols. i nid 2 get a job asap. thanks 4 dropn by my blog. as per the marriage issue, hmmn, i shal consida it thoroughly, hope ur brothers turn that potential in2 money fast tho. lol