Monday, August 11, 2008

anger management

worry not for i have calmed down now.
this morning, i was on a rage! office issues. and i am on leave fa!
so i woke up this morning, like a good girl, managing my cramp issues and prayed very well to start my day right. i probably oforgot to ask God to divert the trouble seekers away from my path.
dont want to go into the main issues, but then, i asked my small oga concerning the leave and it was resolved, or so i thot, next i knew, i got a semi-stinker from another colleague entirely! (remember, office beefs?)
i knew the proper thing was to listen to good music and calm down until later, instead, i allowed the devil (i knew it was the devil) to possess me small. i probably forgot to mention that i have a degree in stinker sending? well, i put my skills to bad use, i.e, wrote the very extent of my anger, well, ok, i expressed my displeasure in a stinker kinda manner.

nywayz, while i felt (still feel) justified to do so, it really does a lot to calm down when people try to send u into a rage. sometimes, u do as much wrong as they have done. in yoruba we say "ejo la n ko, a ki ko ija" (sorry, my translator is lost for now).
of course i dont really regret getting that mad, but i will calm down next time.
but sha o, make nobody try that thing this week again o! my adrenaline is on the HIGH!

leave is begining to bore me jo, i don tire!

later men!

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