Friday, November 5, 2010

My Boss is a ******!!!

Happy New month people.

Its feeling christmasy already init? or is it just me?

About that title, hmmm, after this post/rant, you can put the appropriate word/phrase.

Last Saturday was one of the most annoying days of my life, literarily.
You know when something's not going nicely and there's not one thing u can do about it? yeah, thats how it was.

I'll give u a little background info. Bosslady is actually a family friend, so while the work is professional, there's lots of unprofessional duties assigned to me that i have to do, unfortunately so. I am a Legal Assistant, Personal Assistant, Registrar, Daughter and lots of other duties that i dont even know how to describe. And i cannot complain.
You know how in Nigeria, your merits arent the only thing to get a job, connections matter too. Thats how i got this job. Thats not to say i dont deserve the job or anything. And i dont get special favours or anything. She is bloody meticulous and my work, like everyone in our office is 2ce that of our counter-parts. Anyway, u get the idea, i no fit complain.

So in that vain, last friday she said we'll be going somewhere together on Saturday. Some occassion. I was to be at her house for 7am and i was. Amidst my cramps and all.
For the life of me, i could not have imagined we were travelling out of town - some village in Kogi state, 4 hours trip!!!! As in, it did not tally with my saturday plans at all. i imagined at worse i'll be done with her by 4pm max. I must have been dreaming a very silly dream.

I was mad, angry, livid (same meaning i guess). I yelled and ranted and raved at her. In the confines and comfort of my mind of course. That was just bloody unfair. She had no reason, absolutely none to not tell me where we were going. Haba! I am a frigging adult and that does not come within my scope of duties.
She has this thing of being Jamesbondish with her routine - she doesnt really tell people she's travelling or where she's going - I get it and i honestly dont mind. As long as am not going with her. But in this case, I was in the picture, i damn well deserved to know I was going out of town.
I know there must be some reason for it, I just dont know what yet.

So, typical me, i ranted a bit to Bubbly, swallowed my anger and just tried to enjoy the trip. Read and slept. It was someone's 80th birthday. We took off around 4pm and didnt get back to Abuja around 9.30 pmish. Traffic at Kwali and Gwags.
Another shocker - We didnt eat! Yep. My stomach was empty save for some stupid digestive biscuits we had on our way back. I had to eat it cos i had to take cataflan for my cramps.
I know and pray and have faith that that kind of day will never come back again. It was just wrong.

Bubbly was so mad. He's been mad at her for a while now but thats a different book entirely.....Some political/family issues......

He is asking me to consider another job but i believe when its time for me to leave, i will leave, not just bcos my Boss is a ...... feel free to fill in the gap.
There's a reason i took this job, and i considered that it might not be easy. Until that reason is fulfilled, am not letting anyone frustrate me out of it. Not even boss lady.

Enough rants already - Phew! Good thing i let that out eventually.

So this is wishing y'all a nice wknd thats free of crap and crappy people.

Dont forget to title my post!



LG said...

lol@ur title,
4get ur boss, how preparations???? i want chop rice o

Anonymous said...

Sing it loud, "There's a reason i took this job,....Until that reason is fulfilled, am not....out of it."

Tough decision as it might seem, when we take (or accept) some jobs, there is always a bigger picture (often times unseen/ appreciated by others).

When the (picture's) painting is finally completed, we can smile (contentedly) while moving on to the next assignment. Then, the bosses will realise what a 'gem' they always had.

Hold on....

SHE said...

Your boss is a James bond boss! Hehehe!

Why won't she tell you you're going out of town? Is someone after her life or something?

Fragilelooks said...

lolllllllllllllllllllll. sometimes, bosses make u want to spit fire. hope u're good?

Myne Whitman said...

Your boss is a LADY!!! What else? You called her Bosslady right? LOL...

Pele dear, just keep your head down and get what you need. And you can always vent here...

Have a great weekend.

doll said...


Blessing said...

Oh wow that was unfair!

But like you said you told the job for a reason...just try your best to enjoy and learn from the experiece

Enjoy your weekend!

blogoratti said...

Hey keep your head up. And your boss is a...BOSS :p

RepOne said...

lol...pele oh. she didn't even stop to buy you gala or meat pie? how mean! Your boss is....whatever you thot when you wrote this :D

meanwhilly err what is going on with that pic in your profile? eek

Anonymous said...

WHY are Female bosses always a pain in the a**?...a guy resigned from a good job because he could not take it any longer from....saying he has a wife at home like her! That's a good decision..wait until you fulfil what you wanted....take care.

lol @ LG.

2cute4u said...

Okay o.
It happens o..
Everyone sure has their cross to carry when it comes to work..
Don't lemme start on mine..
It's humiliating aside annoying.
Hope you have a blessed week dearest.

LusciousRon said...

Pele love. You know her position so she has to be careful, Naija anything can happen. But she shoulda told you. I always admire your calmness in such situations. I honestly don't trust what I would do, if I were you!

Anoda Phase said...

oh waoh...I think it was unfair of her to not tell you that you were going out of town, or even find out if you had plans of your own...I can imagine your anger and frustration, especially as she's a family friend...

I'm sure you're over it now though...just hold on for a while...God sees your sacrifices, and in due season, He'll reward you bountifully.

ShadeNonconformist said...

Your boss is a tough cookie. Don't worry you'll live:)

Haha @ her being Jamesbondish with her routine... I get it and i honestly don't mind. As long as I'm not going with her." So real.

Yup don't let anyone frustrate you..

Lara said...

You boss reminds me of my boss, just that mine is worse...what can one do but curse and yell inside...afterall she is the boss