Monday, November 15, 2010

Yay!!! He has done me well!

God is good
He has done me well
Oh my soul
Rise up and praise His name....

Make una sing with me o!

This testimony might look small to you but its BIG in my sight.

You know how house rent is in Abuja now, ok, just in case you dont know, its as if you work for your Landlord, at least for lots of people sha.
I try to save some of my salary every month in order to meet up for rent but somehow this year, there have been lots of expenses, trips etc and somehow it didnt look like i would be able to pay my rent on my own.
Things were not looking good outside too, at least from the people that can help. I just kept praying and hoping that something, a miracle will happen before the end of this month when my rent will be due.

I have this bad habit, when i have a need or a problem, i pray and trust God but i go ahead to make my own plan B which just sounds like: just in case God doesnt get up to it, i will save my ass somehow.
So i dumped that habit and God just surprised me.
This morning, i got some money and after paying my rent, i will have more!!!

I'm EXTREMELY happy and i just know this end will end on a good note.
And for you reading this post, something really wonderful will happen to you before the month runs out!

Have a great week yáll and for our muslim folks, happy sallah. Post my meat o!


LG said...


lol@its as if you work for your Landlord, yea house rent in abj is on lonnnnng thing!

AMENNNNNNNNNNN i'm claiming it o, my testimony is next...

NakedSha said...

thank God

Naijamum said...

Abeg, I claim fast oh.....
More blessings coming your way soon...especially as I know say some go come my way (by association) LOL!

SHE said...

Amen jare my sister.

Ok, where did the money come from? care to share?

Blessing said...

Aww..God is sooooo good! Congrats!!! The best is yet to come!!!

AMENNNNNN to your prayer o!

Chichi {From Now Till I Do} said...

God is good! Wonderful testimony!

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats dear and thank God. Ha, rent is a big deal everywhere. A New York governor candidate, ran on that platform, funny man sha.

Rita said...

God is good and this is a great lesson for me on trusting Him fully... Thank God.

Tisha said...

He's faithful sha!

Amy said...

Thank God for tremendous blessings! Matthew 6:26 teaches us that if God provides for the birds of the air he will surely provide for his blessed children and you my dear have been blessed :-)

Omotee! said...

lg, amen o my sis! we shall soon become landlords too, how sallah, chop and quench ba?

nakedsha: thanks ma'am

naijamum: yes o, believe it, good things will come ur way. thanks for stopping by

she: yeah, from my dad. i had asked him before and he told me plenty stories about how he is broke etc but i heard some money enter im hand na im i key in. but its still God cos the man still fit no talk better

blessing, i love dis kain name, na so so blessing, lol

mrs chichi, kind of u to stop by, love ur blog!

doll said...

Thank God for you...may this testimony spill over to me o! amen.

Omotee! said...

myne: in fact, anyone who has accomodation plans now, i will be swayed to vote for him (but e fit be lie sha) lol

rita, yes it is! always nice to have u here

hey tish, how are ya?

amy, thanx for stopping by

Anonymous said...

I rejoice with you sistah & claim my own blessings sharp! sharp!