Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Myne Whitman

Pray that today, the good Lord will grant all your heart desires and make you truly happy.

Pray your path will keep shinning brighter and brighter.

Cant send your birthday gift so here's your cake:

Hope you like it?

Have a blast!



LG said...
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LG said...


many hapi returns 'myne'

btw Omotee, which kind cake be dis?? :)

Afrobabe said...

Happy birthday Myne...

2cute4u said...

Of all the cakes, na dis one wey you see abi?
Craze girl!
How you love?
You're one loyal babe all the way o..
Na wao..
Time to appreciate you don dey reach..
Shebi you don't want to invite me for you wedding abi?
I don dey vex o..

Nutty J. said...

Happy Birthday Myne...

SHE said...

Nice cake!

God be with you, Myne Whitman!

Myne Whitman said...


I love the cake! Atala is cracking up seriously, lol...

Thank you so much dearie!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Ahhh another october baby? no wonder you're so cute. Happy birthday Myne. More grease to ur writing elbow

Lara said...

This you cake is na serious one...lol...happy birthday Myne

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday MW....you certainly rock!

By the way Omotee, wetin dey shele?

I miss your funny posts o. *grinning*

ha!! the cake na ehlele o! *laughs*

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Happy Birthday Myne Whitman... I love d cake btw...lol

Rita said...

Sexy cake for a sexy lady...

Juanita said...

So much deja vu after reading Vera's blog- the cake I mean.
Happy Birthday Myne!

AlooFar said...

Happy birthday to you. (4x)

Omotee! said...

LG: see jamb question o, wetin d cake look like?!

afrobabe: long time o!

chacha: tanx lovey!! wedding never get date nah, trust me, u go know. thats when ur ID shall be "revealed"
ur cake shall feature d lower region of the femal anatomy, u'll see

she: tanx tanx. will tell the creator

myne: glad u do! am sue atala will love d cake, wont he now?

lara: yes o, for a serious chick. how are ya?

nitty nitty: hey m'am! owe u xmas cake too. how u dey?

sisi yemmie: tanx!!

rita: right on point u!

Anoda Phase said...

lol @ that cake...

kay9 said...

i for like chop dis cake.