Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hey Pipo, happy new month! i have missed u all. i never knew something could take me away from blogging for so long. ntywayzquickly before something takes me away again, i just have to tell u about this toilet issue thingi o! here goes:

in our complex, every office has got its own key to the toilet, a particular office has misplaced theirs, plus extra, so everyone wonders how they sort out their toilet issues, but no be our bizz until we started noticing about 3 or 4 wks ago, theres always pee diluted with lots of water on the floor of the toilet, everyone has to match it before entering their domain. so who can be doing this kind of horrible and highly disgusting stuff? everyone looks so creme, like they dont do No. 2, u know.

so our secretary said she saw a girl from the next office rush out of the toilet one day and later, she discovered pee and water on the floor again. we didnt catch her per se, so we were watching out.

Note: this chic is a creme chic, i mean, VERY CREME CHIC! she's got an officer boyfriend, one equally cute airforce officer boy o! this girl is so fine and gentle so i really was hoping it wasnt her.

so, yesterday, i saw this girl just stepping out of the loo, and i asked "xcuse me, u got ur key with u?" she said "no, i just went to adjust my dress". i was thinking "u, God don catch u today". so, we entered and saw fresh pee again, diluted with water and flowing all over the place, thats how i lost it and snapped! i sha tried not to embarrass her, i calmed her. so we 3 ladies called her and said she should get our toilet key when she needs to do her bizz. guess what my chic said "yes we dont have the key, but i always use the male toilet". why on earth would she come up with that kind of dumb stupid lie?!?!

why on earth would a lady, grown assed woman, do that kind of thing?!

i tell u, she's been on it for not less than 3 wks! which reminds me, we once saw some kind of "dysentry shit" on the floor! yes, on the clean, tiled toilet floor! now u ask me, who done it?!

whenever i see her, i remember 2 things: pee and shit!!!

MF is back (LG, Rayo and Lusciousron, i can hear u say "stupid girl")
what he is back for and what i intend to do, i have no idea.
details later on the next post.


Standtall said...

This aint funny o. Cant they get their key replaced or something? And again, will it hurt to ask for a permission to have a key to another toilet?

I just don't get this "iwa obun" (dirty behaviour)

LG said...

KAI!!!! yeye gal' u nor kno say i still dey chop?!?! which kind piss-sheit post be dis?!?!

LusciousRon said...

WHAT? Lordy No! You have to show me that babe the next time I am in your office. What is wrong with her?

As for MF hmmmmmmn you already know what I would say.
If he makes you happy go for it.

naijaleta said...

In defence of the girl, I dont find it difficult to be believe that she could be using the male toilet. Men dont raise hell when they find a woman using their toilet. Cant exactly say the same thing about women finding a man in their toilet sha. Maybe that's why you dont believe she had been using the male toilet. Please give her a benefit of the doubt.
First time here, hope you're ok.

Afrobabe said...

lmao....kai...I dont envy the girl oh...if it were me I for change job sharpish....but that was a really silly thing for her to do though...

Anonymous said...

Yeye Girl. Mscheww!
SO Like I dont know much about MF. Let me go and read more on him. But Sha good luck with whatever you do with him.

rayo said...

y d chic spoil fyn babe lyk dat now. anyway i c enuf o such babes in school so nutn do her. as per mf, sweetie me i just want d jist coz u said it urslf, ki lo n wa?

Anonymous said...

Understand thee not that she'd rather have her day of 'shame' (oops, fame) in the presence of more witness (audience) than 'just' 3 ladies?
Afterall, she is a 'creme chic'.

LG said...

omoge' how u??

omotee said...

my dear, na so we see am o, but good news is, chic doesnt pee on the floor no more and she hasnt come to ask for our keys!

lg mi owon! no vex. i have missed u o!

just remind me, i shall show u the girl.

MF: operating word being "if". dont worry, will sort out my head very soon.

hey, thanx for stopping by!
hmm, i know for sure she aint sharing no toilets with her male colleagues and boss, just try to picture the scene!

my personal pesin! u gave me a huge scare when u just dissappeared like that! dont do that again o! good to have u back girl.

shall we roast him for xmas?! might be a good idea (as long as u eating tho).

ko ye emi gan fa! i dont know o!

ha ha ha!

dearie, am good, thanks jare, i feel loved! work has been crazy, thats my latest and most frequent cliche. am closing for the year this friday, i do look fwd to it!

nikO said...

cream chic me foot, my dog is mos def creamier than her! Haba! anyways they always said looks were deceptive and by the way that kind of consistent habit says volumes.... wish i could see her face when you got her, trust me that kinda thing, we make it last long and it doesnt go away.... lmao

StandTall-The Activist said...

Ah, that's something

jezebel said...

what made me read your blog, i dont know. All i know is that i cannot continue my breakfast.
just chanced on your blog site, and must confess you write well

badguyturnsaint said...

Its fair enuf to hv call her and correct her, thnx. Wetin you go do abt MF? It seems you too like am self. Wellcome back

Omotee! said...

hey my creme padi, wish u a creme year o!
thanx love!
i think i figured out, will do a post on it, thanx too.

have a wonderful 09!

Uzezi said...

as in she was peeing on the floor? shows how she keeps her house. whats so difficult in asking for a key when u misplace urs?

first time here. Guess i have to go through properly to get the lay of ur blog

LG said...

happy new year dear'

princekay123 said...

Happy New Year

jezebel said...

what are you gonna do about MF? it appears the guy likes you true true abi wetin you give am chop that he cant leave you.
the questions you shld ask yourself is why cant he let go? and why did he keep coming back?
dated my husband on and off for 4yrs and am not regretting it now.
search your soul and pray about it. bless you

OluwaDee said...

Happy new year!

Omotee! said...

thanx for stopping by, will stop by on urs too.....

hey love, thanx!

wish u the same love!

hmm, my sister, big gist o! i go do post on it soon.....

wish u the same love!